Winter White Steps Across the Stars - Zilvai

"A seabed of shining lights,
rainbow fog far and wide.
There are just so many sights,
when I close my eyes and lay on my side.

But after single dream of heroic might,
I stood up in the deckhands plight.
Sun shining ever so bright,
As I stepped outside above the clouds and facing the light.

Memories of past and present blurred,
leaving me with no idea what occurred.
What name I bare I know not,
a registry is all I bared with disconnect to my lot.
Oh single dream of close memory,
but the most distant I bare now thee,
reveal thine secrets for me,
in my reprise of this life who I know not to be."

“Why am I here?” The winter white dame mused as she stared over the campus of the Academy. It has been a few days by now with many new faces met. Most of which she knows more then herself by now. With a heavy sigh she pushed herself off the railing, lurking her way towards the inner courtyard. It was time for the weirdness of daily routines. Food, classes, studying, adventure, cleaning and then repeating the cycle all anew. But… it just did not feel right. The questions keep lingering in her mind, distracting her time and time again at each passing day. Why was she here? Who was she really? And lastly… what is her purpose?


"Far away,
Midnight bliss astray,
dreams and stars in disarray.

A creeping void in one’s heart,
Nowhere to be found in a soul, restart.
Where I venture the answers come to me,
though not from me but the people about thee.

Though who am I,
what path do I follow before I die?
Distant dream far and wide,
please tell me before the void forces me to hide."

Space… my aspect. The bigger picture unveiled, at least to part. Friend and foe hold now names, but what truth or lie may there be in all that is yet unexplained. Do we follow blind or continue to look for answers in questionable places. Do we risk it all or tread carefully through all these spaces? I feel so cold compared to my peers. Fear and emotion compared to my apathy I hold dear. What cruel fate made me lose all connection to self? A guardian to be for a world I do not understand. Or maybe it is not a role I should bare. A simple watch. A guide for those who shall be.

Why, oh why do you torment me so. Let there be knowledge, dreams and all that beauty unfold. Let me be I, whomever that may be. This prison, a cage, of golden bars and silver gleam, it alls means nothing to me. Though those that share this cage with me… why am I starting to feel a sense of care for them?

Kairos - Time
Harper - Doom
Florice - Hope
Gaiden - Heart
Ashton - ?
Selene - ?
… I will remember and seek. And if all should be lost within the nothingness of the void, the lightest glimmer of existence will persist, through sheer memory of what once was and what could still be.


The Weald: A place of wonder, rich of Aether and the gust of Life. Space and Creation linger deep through it’s veins. A homely feeling of a Verse that may, or may not, be somewhere out there. Was she as Alien as she believed? Does she actually come from a distant Dimension - Verse - World? Why did she choose to forget her prior life? Why did she dedicate her path to this one? Why doe the Guardians fear her name or even her recollection of her memories? Why is she likely to destroy the Veil on her day of memorical absolution?

Standing at the cliffside she stared on off into the distance, across the horizon and it’s ocean. Through Space and through Time. Through Life and through Death. A Dream that can shape anything, even the Void itself… if one so wanted to.

"It feels as if I could once take flight,
to sore the skies and forget my plight.
But deep down it all felt fake,
A Dream turned Real - it was something I dared take.

I’m gravely hurt by what I’ve done to myself,
yet a Muse I’ll be so I can help thyself.
I try to neglect my own desire,
but I know one day it’ll be my ire.

I can’t contain my wish to know more,
of a past that nags me with dreams of yore.
Such power I bare to quench a Verse,
are we truly all that diverse?

You Void Sent Guardians that look upon us,
I know you hear me now as thus.
Answer me for once - I beg of thee,
I don’t wish to find you again amongst the stars so free.
Unnamed Guardian, I know you are me.
In some wicked way an echo of thee.
Connection so broad and distant for us to be.
Yet I can’t help but think you somehow agree.

Friends alike say my past is irrelevant for now is the importance,
Though seven voices in my mind offer nothing but discordance.
Seven Souls in one banished into a prison,
all waiting to become the arisen."


"In a Seabed of Stars
everything has become so bizarre.
I see how small we are,
insignifcant in timeless, spaceless - the void left ajar.
But then I realize that every person that bares,
be it Bloody Knights, Hearts and Heirs,
that each and everyone is a star in the endless scape,
heroes of their age wearing Aspects like a heroes cape.

Though amongst them all are those who do not wield,
yet even then they do not yield.
They see truths from different perspectives,
even as they go through vastly different directives.
Open eyed and visions aplenty,
mushroom after mushroom, it’s surely been more then twenty.
While the rest of us linger on what can be seen - visions of distant lands unveiled before thee.
We joked and mused, allways seeing thou with glee…
but surely we’re the ones that should take the knee.

All ways Allways.
Personality in it’s phase.
Eldritch Horrors as Noble Circle,
Deformed and malevolent, allways causing a hurdle.
Unhinged and depraved, yearning allways for sinful taste.
Fear in thine eye, I’ve been in your place.
Gut wrenching depravity in it’s lucid alacrity,
wanting not more then to step away from this travesty.
You’ve no place to run, hiding away out of sight till that gaping hole can be filled,
but I can tell you now whatever you may do - that void in thine darken heart won’t ever be rebuilt.
Your evil bares no purpose,
And you damn well be sure it shall be amortize,
For when Winter White Steps ease Across the Stars,
Even with all my lacking memoirs,
The feelings I bare are absolute.
Your evil will be quenched and it’s directive will be made moot.

I know you listen to every word I utter,
all the while you sit in your gutter.
You can either join me now,
or in time you will learn to bow.
The Muse cometh - you’ll see,
And with her she’ll bare the key."

Chapter: On Matters about Mortal Wings

"I’ve seen it time and time again, a dream so persistent to be the end.
A singular, six winged entity - silhouette of female blend.
A halo of death encircling her head.
Staring silently as reality is torn to shred.

Gods and Goddesses fall with their charade,
Finally they understand that their so called powerful ‘immortality’ has left them astray.
But it is now too late that they come to realization,
that their entire purpose had only laid within creation.
They’ve sinned with their emotional greed,
living a godly life under mortal guise, forcing others to do their deed.
The entity - so much more godly then the gods that it believes needs to be felled,
Omniscient and and transcended beyond anything that can be spelled,
went to end it all till everything had been quelled.

When Space has become nought more then Void,
It was only then when it started to recreate it all - including the humanoid.
Though it knew all too well that with sentience will come a day,
where singular mortals will seek to pray,
to beings that claim godly titles but still live the mortal way.
Upon that Time and Space, the entity will go out again and flay.
An endless cycle of horror and dread,
it will forever end with the dead.

Why I see this dream I know not,
but I can’t help but feel familiar with this blot.
A being of pure serenity,
uncaring for any calamity.
For when the end is there,
all that remains is her stare.
And from that singular space,
A new creation will take it’s place."