Unlock the artist in YOU

What does this mean? It’s real simple!

Whether you are a mage, warrior or otherwise your power comes from your ability to realize or manifest your potential. From learning ways to make the world react in the way you want it to.

What if you PRACTICED visualizing that aspect on top of it!

Come to my study circle and find your very own way of practicing:

Visualization and manifestation in a class of self-actualization~

  • Thistle Mewrilah

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((OOC: This is posted on ParcelThoughts and as physical posters all around the Academy. Any reply to this thread is considered IC.))

Artist credits

Black mage: Vivi From Final Fantasy Ix Made - Final Fantasy Vivi Chibi, HD Png Download , Transparent Png Image - PNGitem
White mage: Final Fantasy Jobs: White Mage
Squall: chibi squall by sexywabbit2 on DeviantArt
Rest: Made in PIXLR with free assets by me.