Thistle Mewrilah - What is truly best for the world?

Name: Thistle Mewrilah
Age: 18
Class: BLM / WHM
Goal: Become a Hero and end the strife on El Nido

A cheerful and bubbly mage often seeking to inspire greatness in others, choosing peace over violence where such is possible. Aspires to become a Hero so they can unite and calm the unrest brewing in El Nido.

Okaya Mewrilah, age 37, scientist at lab [redacted] main contribution to project [redacted] and [redacted]. Being something of an eccentric, the only thing known about her occupation is that she assists in the famous research into Time Magic and the very fabric of Reality in El Nido. She is known to be a well-meaning and kind, with an incredible eye for detail.

A’ven Mewrilah, age 39, deep-sea fisherman. A former Dragoon that has chosen a calmer though not entirely calm life and to focus on his family. Known for their muscular build, scars and hearty laugh. Often seen helping out around their neighborhood but has been lately approached by the Futurists several times in hopes of recruiting him to his cause.

Little brother
Zera’to Mewrilah, age 14, aspiring Dragoon. Taking after his father and being far more physically suitable to the life of the esteemed warrior class, Zera’to trains hard to prepare himself for his trials in a few years. Has inherited his fathers vigor and some of his mother’s eccentricity, making him prone to wild and sometimes dangerous self-imposed challenges.

Grandfather, father’s side
Jera’li Netrhefi, deceased, White Mage. It has only been a year since he passed away, his wife having left him a whole five years prior. Getting children late in life meant he was quite old by the time Thistle were growing up, yet he still sought to pass on all the wisdom he had collected over the age as best he could. He taught Thistle white magic and inspired her to be the person she is today.

Day 0 - Look out, World!

Dear diary, Hello world!

Now that I am leaving El Nido for the first time on my amazing journey to become a Hero(ine), I figured I should write a few things down for the history books. I travel across the blue skies with a sense of Wanderlust and aching longing both. After all, it will be a year or years before I may see my parents and little brother again. All my friends back home.

Even so! I travel with determination and a clear goal. When I was little, my grandfather told me something that would change how I look at the world. Such a simple way of looking at it differently but powerful at the same time.

If you want to be BEST IN the world, that means you can never ask for help. It is a lonesome existence of guarding your single spot atop the peak. If you do ask help, you are no longer best by that very metric. Perhaps that matters in some ways, but I much prefer what grandpa told me.

‘Little flower’ he’d say. ‘Strive not to be best in the world, but best for the world instead. It is a position that can be shared with others, hand in hand in striving towards a hopeful future where we live in peace and harmony. It is a way of living that seeks to lift those around you up, not put them down so you can remain atop the peak. Remember it well, little flower’.

Sadly grandpa is no longer with us, I could really have used more of his wisdom right about now. He did teach me the basics of White Magic and for that I am grateful.

Here I come, Aurica! A best for Heroine in the making!

First few days

Panaeon Academy is quite something! Very spacious, fancy and full of mostly humans. Not that I mind, it is within expectation given how humans are so common in this part of the world. I will perhaps-- most likely be the very first Miqo’te these people ever meet. That means I must do my best to represent my people and make a good impression! Never thought I’d become some sort of diplomat. But I’ll do my best.

I often get asked about my name, as it is not very standard for Miqo’te. The basic naming principles mean that we have suffixes that determine if we are first, second or so on-born. We sure love our apostrophe at that. However, my name is clearly not following that convention and for a very simple reason – My mother can be VERY eccentric. At last my father won the name lottery in naming my brother and has a far more traditional name. Alas, I don’t dislike my name at all.

Today I met someone who I thought was a bandit at first, but it turned out to be a night-owl fellow student. Their name is Naiste? N’est? I honestly have no idea how to spell it. I should ask them about it. They showed me around and we even went to the forest to fight some monsters and find materia. He started out being a little … culturally maladjusted, but I think I helped him realize that and I am sure he’ll only do better from now on. After all, this is to be expected. He is very nice! And strong! And has a very sharp sword.

I also met someone called Silvia? Sillia? A Black Mage with a really neat hat that helped us fight some goblins. Her magic is really impressive and she seemed far less shocked by my appearance, at least what I could tell. She did give me a really powerful materia which I am glad for.

I have been assigned to House PURPLE! I mean Therius. I much prefer pink, but it doesn’t say anywhere we have to specifically wear our house colors all the time. I have to say though, the Headmistress is just a little crazy. Like, what was all that about! And she called me little rabbit, I am not sure if she does that to everyone or if that’s some kind of sick powerplay. I take pride in my appearance, damn it!

 A week or so later

My time at the Academy has been rather fruitful, entertaining and fun. I have met many interesting people who vary in their ability to socialize. Not mentioning any names here. What surprises me is just how dangerous the grounds around the Academy are. All kinds of beasts and creatures lurking, even undead at night!

My grasp over White Magic has become quite decent, making myself useful in any outing. Secondly I focused on Black Magic and even that has become potent.

What else … well, I’ve been asked out on a date. There’s some typical high school drama going on and even the small ones go out to adventure. Pretty wild!

Weald Structure

A structure of [unidentified] metal and [unknown] function resides in the forest behind the Academy. Sprawling throughout the forest, its core seems to be above an Aether-rich mountain.


  • Center portion interact with the wind in the area and at the height.
  • Main pathway is above ground in the cannopy on a sort of “highway”.
    – Additional pathways are below the ground.
  • Pipes channel large amounts of water into the forest.
  • A horizontal ring with a waterfall going through it.
  • Blue and Green-type Aether crystallization in the area.
  • Pathway of vertical rings (unknown significance)
  • A giant “robot” inside of the mountain.


  • The Fae take interest and even act protectively of the structure.
  • The structure is “Elf” technology.
    – Humans are said to have come from elves.
  • Rings interact with the ambient Aether in the area.


  • Structure is important to the ecology, thus protected by the fae.
  • Structure is elf-tech, who are loosely related to fae, thus fae protection.
  • Structure is a fortress or weapon platform, given the robot inside.