The People of Aurica - Races and Cultures

  • Humans (Playable)
    Mikotan dialect: Hyurs

The most common variety of intelligent being to exist in Aurica. They are highly adaptable and prolific, as one might expect. But they’re anything but boring, as they possess a versatility not present in the verse you and I are trapped within. For the “common folk” of Aurica have the capacity for much more. They are capable of extraordinary feats - physical, magical, and psionic - and their aptitudes in these categories vary just as wildly as their hair colors and personalities. Every known country on the planet is filled and usually led by humans.

  • Beastfolk

The second most common race of the land. Beastfolk retain the traits of animal ancestors and are incredibly varied depending on which creature they grew from. It is said that the Beastfolk were artificially created in the distant past, through usage of the forbidden Sorcery to construct what were once intended to be intelligent animal minions - instead, they began to choose lives of their own. Still, their antiquated association with Sorcery (and indeed, susceptibility to its manipulation) have led some to be distrustful of even the gentlest of Beastfolk. In Gariland and El Nido, many are still referred to as “demihumans”, but this language is often seen as insulting in Aurica - despite this, in El Nido they make up a large percentage of population and even governing bodies. Even Panaeon Academy has several proud Beastfolk on its staff including Professor Nica, Baratheus the supply warden, and the ever-busy Mr. Tarani.

  • Miqo’te (Playable)
    El Nido dialect: Catfolk

These people could be mistaken for humans at a distance, but their fluffy ears and cat-like tails tell another story. They are usually seen in tropical and arid regions such as El Nido, southern Mikoto, and coastal towns in Cyrae. Usually a friendly and sociable people, many are engaged in fishing and seafaring trades, but rarely stray from their homelands for long. Still, they are fiercely independent and sometimes dangerous - cross one and the claws might come out. Are they closer to human or beastfolk? Does it matter?

  • Elves

In an age long past, it is said that the great Kingdom of Elves lived in harmony with nature and claimed dominion over the forests and mountains. Today, scant few structures and crumbling ruins remain of their once proud civilization. There are even some that believe the legends of pointy-eared elves are nothing but fables and tales. There are others who speak of elves only in hushed tones, retaining a belief that they are still out there, somewhere, hiding and waiting to make a momentous return.

  • Dwarves

The Dwarves are rarely sighted on the surface, as they conduct the majority of their lives underground. Even when they do appear, it’s allways with their traditional helmets and bushy beards. Does anyone know for sure what their faces look like? Occasionally they can be found trading in ores and gems, with apparent trade routes running through southern Aurica and into Mikoto.

  • Moogles

Fluffy, adorable creatures that look more animal than person. There are two distinct varieties of moogles: the Skykin Moogles who flit and flap about endlessly yet are never seen to walk, and the rarer Earthkin Moogles whose wings are barely functional, yet their bodies are larger and more capable.
All Moogles are supposedly a construct of some multi-dimensional being known only as Mog, but their awareness of this varies.
Skykin are often found in the employ of various human organizations as delivery experts, and even Panaeon Academy houses several of them on the campus.
Earthkin are scarce outside their apparent origin country of Cyrae where they are valued for their nimble reflexes and magical proficiencies.
Both are cheerful creatures and never fail to slip a “Kupo!” into anything they might have to say.

  • Ronso

A rare, distinctive people that seem like beastfolk without a clear animal ancestry. They are kind protectors who reside almost exclusively in the chilly northern reaches of Spira and live according to private traditions that venerate and perhaps bolster the Elementals. They also train heavily in martial arts.

  • Guado

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  • Trolls (Playable)

This strange grey-skinned tribe hails from the Undercaverns of the Eastern Continent, mostly below Gariland. Once dwellers of its forests, they were forced underground after a long and bloody war with the Imperials that now rule the land. Their society is a violent and bizarre one, focused strongly on preparation for battle, conquest, and efficiency - yet they have not successfully waged any such campaign within recorded history, thanks to their own infighting and unnecessarily cruel leadership that includes an amphibious Empress with a domineering and callous reputation who enforces a caste system determined by the color of their blood. For this reason, many smart and brave Trolls have chosen to flee their home hives for the surface world to live among humans and learn their ways.

Not to be confused with the rare green, regenerative forest monster often referred to by the same name.

  • Fae

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  • Viera

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