The Final, Not Final Fancy - Neste Zetroe

I’ve made the decision to keep a journal so that I can reflect on my thoughts and document any important information.

It’s funny, I’m not really one to describe myself or talk about my endeavours because, well, they aren’t exactly deserving of much praise. I’ll try to keep it as coherent as possible, though, in case someone else reads this. I won’t really make a habit of doing this; I’ll just write whenever the mood strikes.

I ventured out into the Weald today to go fishing. I had previously tried with Wedge and Lucian at the Academy docks, but the fish there weren’t exactly biting, and I was only able to land one tiny bass.

Here’s a few general fishing tips which I can refer to incase I forget:

  • For the majority of fish, it is likely that you will have better luck in the waters if you arrive in the early morning or early evening when the fish are searching for food.

  • An overcast sky can be ideal for fishing because the sun’s rays won’t penetrate the clouds to warm the water, bringing the fish closer to the surface. Hot days are also useful because most fish will be hiding in the shade to avoid the heat, meaning you can pinpoint areas such as waters below overhanging trees.

  • Be sure to allways get down close to the water to release a fish and let the fish swim away. The excitement of catching a fish on your line and reeling it in after a struggle is thrilling, but the stress of being caught is great for the fish, so you must take extra care when handling them. And REMEMBER not to wipe at the fish with fabric; the protective slime upon their bodies helps them against disease.

I don’t usually keep my catches because I don’t really like the idea of killing them. My mother once told me that hurting a creature and not putting it out of its misery was cruel, but with careful handling a hook through the mouth won’t ruin a fish’s life.

That’s the first entry, at least; perhaps I’ll add more later. Writing helps express thoughts you might not be able to explain verbally so I’m glad I get the chance to do this.


Just a short entry this time. I will write another one with more detail later but it might be non-fishing related, we will see.

A list of fish and the bait/lure they prefer:

  • Bluegill - They prefer cheese of all things and you can find them all around - both cheese and Bluegill. I’ve heard stories about ones that have wings but if they do exist, I have yet to catch one.

  • Bass - You can use cheese or worms. Sometimes they go for lures; they like ones that look like those Bomb creatures. Your lure won’t blow up on you.

  • Carp - These guys love these baits called Boilies. It is essentially a collection of baits that have been disassembled and formed into a tiny ball, which these fish absolutely adore. There is a rare type of carp in the waters called Lucian Carp, which is funny when I reflect on it. If I told him they were called that, I imagine he’d at least grin. In any case, despite the fact that this type of carp has eluded me, I am determined to catch one.

  • Catfish - Still do not know what they favour. Will have to come back and rewrite this once I figure it out.

I’ve been thinking that I need some time to catch up with friends, but I’m not sure if I’m in the mood to talk. But I don’t mind just listening to people instead. There’s a few I truly miss dearly.

TO DO: Magical studies in my own time. I already have a basic understanding of recovery and protective spells, so I need to look into more Black Magic. Doesn’t hurt to understand your weakness.