The favor of ice elements and its fickle price: Silia Amana


A gentle and distant voice start to speak:

Some people are blessed from birth or born under a lucky star but for some it tradeoff. This is the case of the young girl named Silia Amana.

Doomed to experience unluck and accidents
Doomed to suffer the whim of the world and people
And yet for all the doom and gloom in her life, one thing ring truth from her mother’s words

“The favor of ice element is a fickle thing, it come with a price but those in our family who display this favor carry it the best we can”

These words has helping the girl through her life but you might ask who is Silia Amana and that is a good question if one do not know her but i am not one to tell you everything, i am just guiding your gaze and direction for a glimpse.

Ah but i am getting ahead myself, come and listen…

Silia Amana is the second child to a old but a small family living in a small village, This family now and then gain a child who displayed great affinity to ice and most, not all been showing compassion and thusly this family generated summoners and black mages for as long as i can count. The mark of these children allways been white to silvery hair, regardless of the parents hair colors, Curiously.

Some might say the spirits is at play but this family allways been elementlist at heart but who know the real reasoning as to why and how…

Silia Amana or the accused white as fellow children in the village would sprout , as children now does. had life of pain and suffering most would never understand, countless broken bones, countless accident and almost sound clumsy even the girl is rather graceful and agile. Some might wonder what that does to a person and Silia is no exception.

The girl at her worst been bitter and withdrawn from social contact, instead seeking companionship with the wild life. Why yes Silia have a knack of calming some critter and when people become too much, such contact is preferable. At best the girl is trying to be social, reaching out, laughing and grinning.

But like most who know suffering, she have a empathy for other who feel drown in misery and often will try to offer a hand or advice even she might not be best for that.

But my time is running short so as my until next time gift, allow me to show you a glimpse of a dream, a dream Silia has. You like dreams, i am right …


Silia found herself in a landscape of ice and snow. She dont know where she is but she following a smaller animal. It almost unbearable cold but she pressing forward as the animal walk slowly, not running from the girl. Almost if it want her to keep up.

The animal lead her through cracks in the glacier and into a ice cave where she pauses. A figure glittering in blue-white, so much she cant see what it is but it large, larger then her and yet it not fear she feel nor panic but a mild curiosity as the sense of cold is gone near this figure.

There is no words spoken yet she know she been looked at, observed, judged while the same time protected from the cold and then it hit her again, her fate …she slip and smack her head into the icy floor and get a nose bleed, she get up with a wince and whine escape her from the pain. Finally a voice appear echoing in a distorted manner as if it came from multiable places at once. “The new child, i remain but it not your time yet …leave”

Everything spin out of control and the next moment Silia sit up in the bed with a gasp and give confused look around the dorm room in her house then exhale and end mumbling “weird dream, must been my mind playing over the family story…”


Gentle soft voice: welcome once more, here to hear more about Silia Amana’s life in the Academy?. As you want, sit and listen to a strange day she had.

It was a yet a day in the Academy after class and Silia took a walk and ran into Zilvai and Harper and followed them down to a alchemy bench where she learn a little of Alchemy. She found it curious and confusing but after a while she left and went to get something to drink from the inner courtyard only to return to the area near the entry to the academy.

She ended talking to Joseph about his family and she felt little sad on his behalf but tried her best to give him a little positive twist to thing but then she notice Gen sleeping on the ground and went over to check on him. She tried to wake him up but atlas Gen is heavy sleeper it seem and to make it more frustrating to Silia, the guy seem to experience a nightmare. She processed to yell in attempt to wake him only to feel a invisible push and before she knew Gen was just gone out of the thin air.

Confused and little alarmed she return to the other and warn them and while they was plotting ways to find and search for Gen he appeared again and told he had been warped to different places. Then frogs appears out of the water and after the surprise they jump into the water again. It was decided to look into a house where Glen said he ended and thus the group set forth.

They got to the house and and Silia fate stuck again, hitting the only solid part of the wall before entering . They started searching. Florice, Gaiden went to a painting but found nothing while Silia had conjured out a ice shard to cool down the bruise on her forehead until Gen and Harper sat down, To Silia she did not fully get what they was doing but knowing Harper and Gen share the same psionic skillset she trusted him to help.

And rest of them waited…and waited until Silia sat down near the fountain half lost in thought and started humming lowly while not paying full attention. Then she felt a invisible tug from Gen, followed by sense of strength flowing through her and she got up and step closer to Harper, Gen , Gaiden and while she was confused to what happened something in her started to grow and a melody started to play in the depth of her mind. A song she knew, one she heard from home as a child.

And suddenly the thoughts of the song started to spring forth as a gentle low singing, ritual or prayer like to those around. While her voice was not a trained singer it still had a decent sound to it from the young girl.

Soon the sing fade and Silia grow uneasy and embarrassed at realizing what she just done infront of people. Though Gen finally awake and reveal he now knew his aspect. A small empathic happiness mixes with the embarrassing feeling the young girl have. Then she felt something move in her hat and took it off only for a frog to spring out and she give the hat a small shake, as bit of water splashes out and she seem confused. Never the less the other hint to place the frog in the fountain and Silia gentle try to calm the frog and pick it up.

The moment the frog return to the fountain a sensation of importance to it strike her, for the smallest of moment before it gone. Like a memory you can not recall but to make it more confusing, so too did everyone in the room.

They all decide to take the frog to the waterway and once there and released the frog, one of them end messing with a strange rock and darkness appear and void critters as she heard them be called later attacked. After that two more student show up and two left. The rest decide to return to House Rano to rest and talk.

And thus end the strangest day Silia Amana had of yet in the Academy. Confused, frustrated she return to her dorm where she end burrying her face in a pillow as the embarrassed memory resurface of her singing. With one muffled word to end the day on "Why by the element did i do that "


Silia enter her dorm room and hang her small side bag on a hook before noticing a very small package on her desk and she give a small smile seeing it from her family. She walk over with a grin “did they send cookies? that a nice surprise”

She open the package with a eager only to give a surprised look at what inside, half scorched and broken paper pieces and one letter folded. She take a brief look at few pieces, all of them no larger then corner of a book page and she end taking the folded letter and break the wax seal, antiqued ideas but used in her family.

upon opening the letter she start to read and end mumbling the last lines “It only right a child of Amana with the mark get what left of our archive. It maybe create more question then answers but they are now yours as the last in the line with the white mark of favor of ice. May it help your burden my child.”

A tiny perplexed whine escape her as she look at the paper pieces “Moom what the idea here, how is this helping my burden…”

She pick up one pieces, only seeing a date writen. A date of 70 years in the past and she take yet another piece. This one make her double look, a date further back and she start to wonder if all the pieces is just dates as she take a third one but this one hold few lines of text, it dont make any meaning but then it hit her …the text is a small section of the song she sang , in written form.

As she read the text the window of the dorm give a glitter of ice before it gone as fast it appeared and Silia look confused at the window before stepping over and touch the pane of glass, as expected it cold to the touch and she end looking at the piece of paper she hold before quickly moving and put the paper in the package, then shove it under the bed in a small panic as she mumbles "nonono, nope, uh nuh not digging through pieces of something i dont understand. "

she sit down on the bed with small frustrated groan “Why could it not be cookies like normal family send”

She sit there for a moment as a pout appear in her expression then she recall the words of Arthran and Nanala before a sigh escape “Maybe Harper could help …”

After watching Asthon leave she stood up and brush off the rear of the outfit with a soft sigh. She end seeing him get on the bus before she start to walk into the forest with a heavy mood. Few of the bigger bugs start to close in and she flick a hand with a murmur as ice shards fly out. She dont even stop her walking or pause up to remember how much she grown in the days by doing just that.

Her feet keep taking her deeper into the green forest with her gaze down cast. Eventually she reach a pond and stand there looking at the water.

A sadden small reflection look back at her before she hear a animal get aggressive and she turns and kneel down and calm it down. She then sit down and give it a gentle pet and sighs.

Her mind end touching upon some student…

Ashton, Gaiden, Gen, Neste, Wedge, Nanala, Arthran, Lucian, Selene, Florice, Oyo, Joseph, Leif, Zilvai, Harper just to name most of them. She start to question herself how much she know of each and how to even describe each. Maybe it was Ashton who cause it to spark but she felt disconnected and scared.

Scared of her own place, Scared of the strange things going on with the Academy and people aspect but mostly she felt scared of her own aspect and her family stories.

Silia end giving the animal a pet before standing up and the animal wanderer off again calmly then she turn to face the water.

She briefly ends mumbling “What exactly is the truth to the family tales, who am i…what my place in all of this. Maybe that how Zilvai feels too, maybe even worse not knowing her past?”

A deep sigh escape her as she hold out a hand gentle over the water. "Everyone is amazing, Zilvai can do all magic almost. Joseph too. Gaiden is amazing too. Even people who have skill i dont understand like Ashton, Gen, Harper. Even the little Leif amazing. Even the brawny ones like Wedge, Neste, Arthran is amazing in their own right. "

there is a pause before she mumbles “All i got is favor of ice and questions, stories, being confused. I am just …a hindrance and i do not know where to look or how i even could help them, or if i end as a danger if i really get dragged into this aspect buisness…”

A frustration grow before she tap into her aether and unleash a ice spar across the water surface that freeze a wide path into the pond and she quickly place a hand over her mouth in tiny shock then look around before she give a sigh while the hand drop to her side once more. “Carry it the best you can …price and burden. If Harper is not around maybe someone else know something”


Silia exit the class room looking like something the cat dragged in not because she not been sleeping or sick but simple because Lavorte teaching topic been fire magic again. Other student run off with boundless of energy and she give a small wave to Gaiden before moving on and head toward her dorm room. Passing the courtyard and grab sandwich on a stand while few other students waves to her before resuming their daily life in the Academy.

She eat the sandwich while walking her way, seeing few familiar faces doing their own things. Selene and Nanala talking and then Wedge and Neste, Joseph examining a bottle. As she reach the east field she notice Arthran giving one of the dummies a smack down and a small grin cross her expression, indeed everyone was living life. She might not know everyone fully well but the Academy life started to grow on her.

Once she enter the dorm room she hang the small side bag on a hook and go change out of the uniform and into her dress then pats her cheek twice as if trying to shake off the classroom exhaustion before she step over the bed and take out the package and open then step toward the desk, she sudden trip and stumble as the box fly out of her hands and paper pieces spread out across the floor. A small sigh escape her before she kneel down and start to pick up the pieces and put them in the box then she fall over a full picture and she pauses. “This was taken before i left home …but why did they send me this…”

She give a smile at recalling the day before the picture was taken. A last day with the family where they all spend their time together and a small snicker escape Silia at recalling the snowball fight with her older sister who took the picture. She gentle lower the picture as she briefly felt a small homesickness then continue putting the paper pieces in the box with a mumble “hope they all okay”

Silia place the box on the desk and sit down on the chair then look at the picture again and turn it only to see a text "Hey sis, it going to be lonely without my adorable white haired younger sis but i want you to remember us all so i snuck this in. Dont worry i got a copy in my room!. Study hard and make mom and dad proud. Hugs from your sis, PS dont chase boys now or girls, actually dont chase anything "

She give a smile at reading then shake her head with small blush along a small snicker at the last part as she put the picture back in the box. “Sis …”

After that she stood up and walk over, taking the small side bag then exit the room. with a renewed energy after class she head toward the garden and then toward mt brune outlook, using ice magic to clear the way. Once there a spring appear in her steps as she hurry over to the railing and grins widely at a gust of wind flowing against her head while holding the hat on as her tied hair flow back a little then the ribbon go loose as her hair spread out, a few glitter of frost follow the wind from her hair and she look back and manage to snatch the ribbon and tie it up again.

She return to look at the view and looking in direction of where her home should be as much she able and even she cant see that far. A smile cross her lips as few memories start to surface from the back of her head. she then begin to sing softly a song she remember singing with her older sister.

in a moment time freezes for her as she relive few thing back home, once more feeling the embrace of her family but the song reach the end as she taken back to reality. Silia’s mind return to the things surrounding her in the preset time as the sunlight starting to wane by the setting sun. She glances across the red and yellow shine the sky displaying while brushing bit of hair away from her right blue eye.

“How can i possible accept all the strange things, it got nothing to do with me. I am convinced i only experience things before i am near the others, like Zilvai…beside it just too much when i dont know why i have the mark, what secret was lost in the archive…how many generations of knowledge went up in smoke. If i was to seek out clues, where would i look?..what do i actually have…”

She turned and start the track back toward the Academy with a soft mumble. "the mark, the story about the north, the song i did sung and what other mention, a woman glittering?. only thing i remember from my own dream was a glittering. i could not see a shape from it. Curious what Gaiden really saw, was it a ancestor of mine with the mark or a warning of a future…or just completely unrelated. Something tell me i should stop questioning and prepare for when i can start summoner classes. I got alot to learn…no, i have to learn. "

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Silia toss and turn in the bed after waking up and and look at the time, a exhale escape her as she notice it near five in the morning and end sitting on the bed edge in the night gown. Not the best sleep but for once it was not strange things or scary thing that weight heavy on her mind, no just plain normal awkward teen trouble.

She end getting up and run a hand through her hair as she make way to the mirror and grab the brush then start to brush her white hair as her reflection look back at her. The brushing slows down until it stop and she end mumbling “Really…she has to mess with me, it came from the left field…i mean s-sure i asked bit personal thing for her but there is no way she genuinely want to have a da-da-uh…”

A tiny flustered blush appear in the reflection from the mirror as she end turning little to the side and press down the night gown so it close around her chest area briefly, which just cause a further insecurity to the young girl as a shake of her head follow then a small sigh before resuming brushing her long hair as her mind running in circle

“but what if she actually mean she hope for it to be romantic. Cant be …right?..mean uh…someone like her is bound to have a line of more interesting people and better looking then me. She cute, funny and fit any clothing nicely. Think even Neste is having a conflict between trying and his sword…”

Silia end tieing the hair up with the ribbon as words of encouragement echo in her head from Lena and Neste then she end give a nod to herself. “stop this Silia, you said yes so do your best. No different then carrying the favor and price the best you can. It just hanging out with …little extra. If-If she dont enjoy herself i tried my best right?”

Despite her own pep talk to the mirror reflection she was still insecure and had small anxiety however she push through it as she start to change clothing and ended mumbling. “Been easier to share something i like to do back home but it should be doable with my ice magic. Just need to buy something for it and uh no i am forgetting food gnn!”

A gentle smack on her forehead happen and she end rubbing the back of the head. “Oookay do i risk making the kitchen look like a war zone , not that i am terrible in the kitchen buuut with my luck there usual alot of accident or buy thing…” She end placing the thumb under the chin with a finger resting along her cheek in her normal pose thinking

She give a sigh "I make something and buy the desert, that i am bad at. "

A hour later Silia stand in a victory with flour, milk and egg splatter on the apron as she look at the finish food while grinning. "Hope she like new dishes then from her home. It turned out quite nicely if i may so myself. "
Infront of her in a small box lies neatly arranged sandwiches and in another small metal box is some stew and finally what seem like a small special decorated box with what likely end as vanilla ice cream when frozen.

Silia proud moment of her work dont last long as she turn and witness the war crime that is the kitchen, her jaw drop and exhale heavy before going to work on cleaning up. “This is why i dont cook often…”


Another night with sleep escaping Silia a little as she hug the pillow and eyes the clock, showing 4 AM and she give sigh before closing her eyes one more. However it not calm or quiet her mind settles on, no the mind keep going back to the ice surface of the water after her magic and Thistle clinging onto her while getting used to the ice skates while a tiny smile form on her lips as she lays in her bed.

A tiny hint of blush appear as she remember the lavender smell before Thistle seemly having fun after getting her balance down mostly appeared followed by Thistle clinging onto her arm as she take her around on the ice guiding and to give a showcase how to do it before Thistle set off on her own. The next imagine replaying make a small snicker escape Silia from the bed, Thistle landing on the grass with the rear end in the air and the tail.

She end giving up and place the pillow on her face with a tiny whining groan “fiiine i get it stupid mind, no sleep …”

Silia sit on the bed edge in the night gown and run a hand through her hair while trying to change thoughts but her mind is not yet done as the touch of her own hair make her recall brushing Thistle’s tail and a soft smile appear along with a hint of blush. She then stand up and walk out to the shower with a mumble “maybe that help so i can sleep again”

A while later Silia return dressed in her normal outfit with a lighter blushing and mumble "oh cooome on, it was just fun, she even even confirmed my suspicion of messing around and it was not a date as i thought, so why i keep getting flustered and unsure and keep thinking on it, drop it Silia "

She sit down infront of the mirrow and grab the brush before brushing her hair and after few stroke of the brush it slow down as a small pout appear and mumbles "Because she keep giving double signal, why confirm my suspicion and then say she open for relationship. It just like how she said it did not have to romantic date, like she kiinda hoped for it?. "

She end softly boinking her head down on the desk infront of the mirror as her hair spread out around her head gentle and rare large sigh escape her. The young girl end placing the brush on the desk next to her head and places the arms under the chin, glancing at the mirror. "Why would she even be uh interested in me of all student, i am just reading it wrong right?..very likely i think …ofcourse i am reading it wrong i uh i mean …urm but she did let me brush her tail, do that signal something?..Nnnh "

After a tiny flustered whining noise she sit back up and continue brushing her hair then grab the ribbon and tie up her hair “Think on something else, the song …curious how it had less effort when i sang it with Nanala but she also said she felt …something during it. I still should start to look into the old Library below the Academy, it might have books i could use …tiiiiny chance but maybe there is something about a previous person with the family name Amana too but it going to be pain to search through all those books down there…”

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Somewhere in the Weald a lone figure walk along. She stop at some water and small smile cross her lips as her imagination remember the ice skating before she walk up to the spot where they enjoyed the food, seeing the remain of a small campfire a mumble escape her. “Time …huh?”

Zilvai, Hayne, Florice words echoing in the back of her head as she glances toward the blue moon in the night sky. “Of all people i did not expect Zilvai to tell me to not to worry about aspect and guardian but to seek out my path…the song and heritage…heritage. I dont like the truth to those words but if the stories hold any truth then i am meant to do something …aim for something but what, why do i carry the mark…what caused of all of this in my family, children like myself born with the mark?..”

Silia walk down and away from the remain of the campfire and then a small frown appear along with a internal struggle, afraid , unsure before a small determined look appear as she grab the hat and toss it on a nearby rock then undo her hair ribbons and spread out her hair while focusing on her inner aether on purpose, frost glitter fall from her hair untangling and she claps her hands together and in a instant frost spread out from where she stand in a small circle. “accused white…do not matter right now. I need to look into myself, not be afraid …”

Silia closes her eyes while standing still with the hands clap together like a statue in the small frost zone, only her hair flowing along with the breeze. Everything to her mind start to fade away except the frost she stand on and be replaced with her home town. a smaller town of wooden huts with snow gentle covering the roofs. Figures start to appear as if people pop into existence going about their daily life, children run along the main street laughing and playing, adult doing their business and selling fur and wood as well game meat as well other imported goods.

In the small distant stand a taller larger house on a small hill, a old but well kept mansion with fence around, beside lies a burned out rumble of another building. Behind mountains looms further in the distance with their snow covered look, even further behind the mountain tops a gentle smoke seen raising from a volcano somewhere. A winter forest nearby. a few chocobos get tended to near it.

Silia digging deep into her memory and sudden winces as she see herself as five or six year old accidentally cause a frostbite on another girl hands and she sigh, recalling the rumors of the Accused white starting however she keep pushing on in the search through her memory but she instead slip back to remember the old dream from when she was seven of age . As if snap of fingers all people in the town is gone, the houses look more frozen and there is so many whispers but distorted as if they overlap each other, she can hear her own family among them but not what said then the song start to echo somewhere along the main street. She tries to fellow the direction of the song and it no matter how much she run, she dont see where it coming from.

Sudden Silia open her eyes with a gasp, her hands pressed into the clap firmly and she end fall on the knees with a frown and shake her head gentle. “I cant remember further back…do i really need to do what was suggested, Neste and Harper and digging through my memory?. I still do not get how it help to uncover anything on the destroyed Archive, i never seen what was inside …it was before my birth”

She grab the ribbons and start to tie up her hair again before standing up and grabing the hat then put it on. “Accused white…what if keep following the song mean something like that and yet why do i keep feeling i have to chase it…”

She start to walk away, trying to shift her thought pattern and eventually end glancing back toward the water briefly and mumble “Next i see Thistle i really should get courage to ask her out again. This time she could show me something she like to do …just …really rrrreally rrrrrreeeally hope it not beach things. I just end being super self conscious if i have to wear bathing suit and the like”


Somewhere in the Weald sit a lone figure near a creek. Its Silia with the black mage hat resting next to her and a smaller animal on her lap. Judging by the appearance of the outfit she been been there for days, likely skiping classes. In truth Silia had slip into a bitter phase of her personality, avoiding people.

"Stupid guardians, stupid dreams, stupid pink moon. "

She give a light grumble while petting the smaller animal that just give a look up at her but remain in place calmy for whatever reason while Silia lowly vent her bitterness to the air. "How i can help, when i am nearby and accept getting dragged into thing it beyond anything i can comprehend. I am glad i got to help Arthran but sheesh. what WAS that thing?! …that cant be Arthran inner side. "

She give a annoyed shake of her head and keep petting the smaller animal before mumbling on.

"Do it mean i have a monster inside me too ? is that what the mark mean? i-i…no i refuse to think on that. Everyone seem to progress with the guardian crap, Leif would been too if she was not gone to deal with her privat life. Meanwhile where i am …i got nothing linking me to this nor do i want it but i cant find clues to my family. "

She give a small groan and gentle place the animal down before it jump off bit, look back and continue on. Silia end laying on the back with a hand on her face frowning

“still dont know where i know the song from, my attempt at remembering only bring up a old dream. Ak seem to belive whatever that appeared is looking after me or …waiting. If that the case you need to wait a long time i am afraid. I am stuck in all my clues.”

She end sighing “we all in together, what a bomb statement…”

                               Few Weeks Ago 

A Chocobo drag along a open cart along the dirt path through the forest as a middle age man drive it, on the back lays Silia. As the clearing come up she sit up and and smile faintly while the treelines open up to the view of the home village. When the Chocobo slow down and get through the village a few people stop on the street and look at Silia surprised. Few give a friendly wave while few other start to whisper among themself.

When the cart stop near the mansion Silia says her thanks to the driver and climb down only to sudden hear a familar voice behind her “Siiiilia !!”

And before she can react she find herself almost choking in a tight hug by a young adult woman with dark long hair while the hat she wear fall off on the ground, Silia give her a pat on the side unable to move and squiek out weakly “Hi Sis…”

She then let go by her sister before getting bombarded by questions as Silia kneel down and pick up the hat. Meanwhile the Chocobo driver give a small chuckle before driving the cart away.

“Dont tell me you got tossed out of the academy”-“why are you here- i am happy to see you but why you are here?”

Silia give a small awkward and embarrassed scratch on her own cheek before smiling a little.
“Sis, relax i am not tossed out but i need to look into our family history…”

Aother voice speak as a woman appear on the stairs in the doorway to the mansion, dark hair to the shoulders and wearing a simple but elegant dress.

“Our history you say…it …it …started, the price from favor of ice, has it not my daughter?”

There is a sudden stillness in the air as the mood seem to drop at those words, Silia glances down on the ground and give a small nod. The sister give a small concerned frown while the mother sighs and motion them inside.The sister take Silia bagage and the door closes behind them. Their mother lead them inside the living room where a fireplace gentle is going.

“i am going to put your baggage in our room, Silia”.
Silia nod her thanks before her mother sighs again and turn to her daughter then step close, remove the hat and brush a hand over the white hair and examine the hair ribbon before hugging her with a sad expression.

"I wanted you to have a normal life and i tried to research ways to suppress the mark and it worked well until now though…you cant escape your burden my child, your power grows and so to does the calling. "

Silia return the hug as the sister return to hear their mother words before the two sit down on chairs as their mother open a secret compartment in the wall and take out thin notebook, clutching it against her chest in regret before placing it on the table.

"You old enough to pick you own path Silia but as a mother i feel i am failing you, so much been lost to our family from the Archive burning down that we cant tell you much or guide you as we should and …i cant suppress the mark much longer for you. "

Silia listens with a mixed feeling about it all before eyeing the thin notebook on the table before the mother give a weak smile and sit down infront of her daughters.

“Silia let me ask this first, had you sung or heard a singing?..”

She blink and nod a tiny bit while replying: “Uh yes, i dont know where it from but i first started to sing it out of the blue when something strange happen in the academy a-and…”

Silia start to fidget with the hem of the dress before her mother give a small grin “Go on, i am already worried so you dont need to afraid of making me worried…”

Silia then nod and continue telling the tale: “Another student named Zilvai got the idea to sing this song fully on a stage while others tried to play intrument to it and uh…something strange happen when i did. The room got colder and other students mention a glittering blue skinned woman behind me for a second…”

At those words the sister give a surprised look at Silia as if not fully sure what to mean about it but the mother reaction is different, a frown with the look of regret before nodding at the story.

“The calling…”

Both Silia and her sister look at each other then back at their mother as she open the notebook and show a old page of a drawing. The drawing of a large blue skin woman with long hair and music symbol as if singing. A white hair person on the far end of the page almost look to stagger toward the singing.

“We do no longer know the truth as you aware but this is what been reffered to as the calling, a being like you describe is woven with your burden and fate as a marked child of our family, woven together by song. It said a marked child appear when great need …or sacrifices are required. The child will reap all the favor of ice from our family, blessed beyond any of our family …however …”

Silia end mumbling the rest of her mother words already knowing them growing up “The favor of ice element is a fickle thing, it come with a price…”

The mother nod sadden and turn the page to show a new even older looking drawing. This time it show the blue skinned woman hovering above the white hair person who is incaged in ice, frozen in a solid block.

“This is remains of a tale from when a marked child lost control and the being cause great problem…this is why i tried to research ways to suppress the mark my daughter and again i truely wanted you to live a normal life…”

Silia’s sister hug Silia almost protective and ask a question: “Is there nothing to do about it, why do our family have to …deal with these things. it not fair …”

Silia gentle lean into the hug as her mind trying to process the infomation while their mother close the notebook with a small smile.

“We do no longer know, all we have left is ideas or possibility. Beside the main family story you both know. There is one idea our forefathers was tossing about, that our earliest family line was not just human as today but lived among being like these. Whatever the case is we do know that marked child appear extremely rarely and for a reason even we do no longer remember that reason among ourself but enough of that my daughters. It time for me to cook dinner and i make it special since Silia is back, your father should be back soon as well”

Later in the evening Silia laying in her bed, with a tiny smile from her time with the family before a cold appear in the room and blizzard storm turn on in a split second outside the window. A singing start to echoing but unlike the normal song it sound to be mulitable voices together and different. She get dressed and exit the house having a urge to get outside, as the door is flung open by the wind she witness two row of girls with white hair singing , leading to main fence gate. Silia step between them and look each side.

Different girls but all bearing the marks of white hair and all having blue eyes, they dont react to Silia presence as she make way to the main gate and sudden a female voice pierce through the song “Child, time is drawing near-find me …find me…as your Forebear before”

Silia sudden wake up in the bed with a gasp and storm upright and look around in the dark and quiet room. Seeing her sister sleeping paecefully in another bed calm her down then lay back down with exhale…

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Silia sit at the desk of her dorm room in the academy. Infront on the desk is a drawing of a map. Two important spots is marked, one of her home village and one of the academy. She closes her eyes and tries to recall the dreams from home and start to make a tiny line of dot from the exit of her village and then tries to do the same from the academy but it only reach the exit of the gate. Sighing she open her eyes and lean back in the chair.

“two different places, there most be a line of interception as direction it try to lead me, i …think?”

She then look into the mirror infront of the desk at her own reflection and brush a hand across the ribbon in her hair, recalling her mother words with a small frown. Anxiety wash over her…

“The stronger i get the worse the calling?. Was a mistake to get to this academy?..what if i end like the last drawning…”

She instant start to clenches hard on the quill in her hand as fear play through her mind, faces of all she know frozen in surprise and shock. Gaiden. Zilvai, Florice, Arthran, Neste, Jospeh and other student she came to know but tears start to fall from her eyes as the faces of younger student appear, Ak, Leif and sudden a imagine of Thristle appear which cause the teen to throw the quill against the wall as it get stuck like a ice dart.

She sudden stand up and look at her hands. “stop it…there is NO way i end harming these people. Whatever having connection to my ice power will work with me. Think Silia please, dont give in to bad thoughts.”

She slowly turn to glances outside the window as she wipe off her eyes with the sleeve. Silia take a small ragged breathing and crosses her arms, glancing down on the ground. "A different song, all sung by my forebears?..other with the mark in age past?. I wonder why it a different song…the first made that woman appear briefly, this new one…is that the guidance? my forebear …urm spirits try to guide me?. "

She consider the words from Zilvai and the other recently, dream walking. Allow other inside her dream and she give a sigh again, recalling Arthran’s pink moon dream and she shake her head a little.

Silia then sit down on the bed edge and lean back, placing the hands behind her back with a glance to the ceiling.

"Maybe it for the best if it let them help that way but …but …no but, i am not sure what else i could do. Maybe i could insight if i could get summoner training although that might be a while yet and meanwhile the urges get stronger, the calling. "

She end laying down on the bed and grab the pillow and hug it against her face lightly, recalling the certain fluffy sensation from a certain tail as a tiny smile cross her lips as she find a small comfort in the memory as her exhausted mind slowly doze off.

She sudden find herself in another body, a taller and older girl with the mark of white hair and blue eyes, beside her stand a few people she dont know but before she can gather her senses a fireball explode nearby and she realize she in a battlefield, few people fly into the air with screams and sound of gunfire and swords clashes echoing around her, a creature look up at her…similar to the one in her very first dream before entering the academy.

A male look at her and speak “it now or never, do your thing as we shield you…” he give a confident smile despite bruises on his arm as he ready a gunblade and Silia’s new body lift a hand palm toward the sky and start to sing the usual song and soon after cold appear as a tall blue glittering woman step out of nowhere. The woman look down at Silia’s new body before her companions run to the side and the tall woman wave a hand as the ground shake and ice spike piece up , impaling few enemies and incaging them and the next thing?..

Silia awake up in the bed with a gasp and look around the familiar dorm room and sit up with the pillow in her lap.

“wh-what was that, it was not me …w-wait was that…forebear memory, how?. a forebear great need or sacrifice?. What is going on, there is no war going on right now …i think?. What would actually cause it being so important for me to find this being?”

She end sighing and hug the pillow. “my head hurt from all this thinking, i almost miss my nervousness about that d-date …at least that turn out fun”

Few days before Silia returns to the Academy

Light enter the shared bedroom through frosted window while bird sing outside as Silia feel a gentle poke on her cheek and open her left eye sleepy and see her sister smiling while sitting next to her bed.

“hmnh…morning Elena…”

The sister give a tiny disappointed look and reply “Dont tell me you growing out of calling me Sis phase”

Silia give a grin and sit up in the bed while wearing the night gown while her sister step over to the a desk with a large mirror and give the stool a pat. Silia snickers “i am not getting too old for you to fix my morning hair?”

Despite her words she get out of bed and step over then sit on the stool while Elena pick up a brush and start to brushing her hair with a care, smiling. “no you allways be my adorable little sister and i missed being able to do this. Also you maybe do not like the mark but it look pretty on you”

Silia give a soft smile while sitting still as her sister dote on her and after a short while Elena grab the ribbon and look at it slightly sadden before she tie up Silia’s hair. Silia look at the mirror and notice it “Worried about what mother said?”

Elena give a nod before turning toward the door “going to help set the plates, we should take a walk later Silia”

Silia look at the frosted window briefly before stepping over to the closet and take out thicker clothing and put it on before exiting the room and head downstairs where a carbuncle look at her and she grins before kneeling down and petting it while it giving her a soft rub with a cheek. "Still helping mother i see Ruby. " She give a snicker at the cheek rub.
“I missed you too”

Ruby then turn and seem to guide Silia toward the dinner room as she follow where she see her entire family sitting with food on the table, bread, eggs and cheese and jam and she sit down next to her father and sister before the family start to eat the food.

“I hear your study is going quite well Silia, you should help me in patrolling the forest”
Her dad give a proud look before Elena interject “nooo i was planning to walk in town with her”
There is a laughter as their father give up and nod. She notice Ruby give a roll on the back and look up at her before she give it a piece egg and her mother give a tiny sigh "Dont overfed Ruby now "

Silia give a small pout before replying " But-but…look at him, he soooo cute"
Elena then hold a piece of bread to Silia as if wanting to feed her while grinning and Silia end going “Siiiiis…”
Laughter from everyone at the table echo in the room before they finish the food.

Little later Elena and Silia is outside where a thin layer of snow decorate the village rooftops and landscape as they walk down the main street and some wave at the two friendly and they also overhear low talking between two woman

“Curious it started to snow when -she- came back…”
“Fully behind you there, it curious and i hope it just stay like this and no more. That family helped our village alot but that child …”

Silia give a frown as she walk by before Elena place a hand on her shoulder and they ignore the low talking. They stop at market stall where candy is being sold and give themself a treat as rest of the village seem to peaceful go about it daily routine then Elena sudden look at Silia and ask “Siiilia, found someone you like in the Academy?”

Silia almost freeze in the spot as her face gradually turn more red with a candied fruit piece halfway in her mouth before she shake her head hard as the fruit piece fall to the ground, causing her sister to laugh lightly and tries to prod more “oooooh…”

Before Silia have to face replying there is sudden a bell ringing and a man come rushing out of the forest edge “Monsters !!”
The two turn and rush back toward the mansion where their parent already gathered “Good you here, Silia with us…You old enough to help and you had training”

As they reach the forest edge there is a roar before creatures rush out toward them and her mother wave a hand as Ruby attack while her father make lightning strike at the creatures. Silia conjure up multiable smaller iceshard and send them flying out at single target. Her time in the Academy had honed not only her skills but her mind as well, she not panicking or scared even the creature keep coming. Sudden her father give voice in pain as a creature manage to bite his arm and at that Silia seem to snap, “let goooooooo” as she sudden drawing on her limit while her hair ribbon break and many shards of ice raining down infront of them. The creatures that survive turn and run into the forest and quiet return.

The mother give a worried look at Silia before helping tending to her husband arm as her father talk “Need to investigate this soon…well done Silia”

As they walk back toward the mansion there is a few people coming out and say their thanks but Silia overhear another thing “Did you see that, the child is scary…what if her past repeat with that power”.
She give a frown and start to feel anger raising, she just help protect the village but before she manage to say anything a dizziness overwhelm her as she stagger. faint whispering echoing around her “Find me…”
Then her mother quickly tie a new hair ribbon on Silia and it disappear slowly before she shake her head softly. “my thanks…”

She head inside the mansion fence and sit down on the back of the mansion, once more feeling fed up with people then Ruby appear around the corner and lay down next to her, placing the head on her lap as a small smile appear before she pet him. “Guess you know…”

She notice Elena who give a light smile “Dont sit out here for too long Silia” before leaving, knowing Silia need her time.

Some time later she enter the mansion and see her mother studying over books and the thin notebook she saw weeks ago. Her father talking with the elder of the village. A almost normal day, except more creature and it at the village edge. She end giving a small smile at knowing her father often in the forest to help keep the village safe from such.

She sudden hear Elena behind her and turn only to see her sister holding a boardgame out inviting and she nod. Small moment later the two sit infront of the living room fireplace engaged in the game as the sound of cooking can be faintly heard.

Elena then sighs “you soon have to leave again?”
Silia nod with the usual mh hm reply before Elena move to her and hug her “Visit again soon, i will miss my adorable little sister”

Silia give a soft smile at that as the day slowly drawing to a end.

Silia step out of the shower and grab the towel and dry herself before getting the dressed, putting the calming green scarf on first then her blue house scarf above it and move to the desk in the dorm room with the mirror before braiding her hair and grab the hair ribbon then pauses as she give a strange expression almost dazed and look into the mirror, instead of the normal reflection she briefly notice a out of focus figure behind her and snap out of it, looking back and sees nothing. She shake her head softly and put on the ribbon.

She stand up and step over to the windowpane and place a hand palm on it, watching the other students outside. Her mind recall the faces of quite a few again and small memory of fun, adventures, hardships. She end mumbling to herself with a small smile

“I met so many people who one way another entered my life. Each have their past, their stories and struggles. Maybe i do not get along with everyone but i still want to help them if i can.”

She turn with the side to the window and glances over as imagine of Ak and Leif in her mind while a small grin form then shake her head softly.

"Ak almost said sister and Leif saying Sisi …when did i become a big sister figure?..ah well "

She place right hand on her left arm as she let her mind wander down the memory line. “Ice queen eh Hayne?..part of me do not like that with my past buuut it fitting, i accept my skills even so many so much more versatile”

She glances out of the windowpane once more as Joseph appear in her mind then Zilvia, Florice, Gen, Ali, Jay, Wedge, Neste, Nanala, Parker while a thin smile stay on her lips. Memory of fighting together, laughing and hanging out and even the guardian weirdness she usual panic about but the green scarf keep her mind calm.

“Guardian and aspect, i wonder if Leif words is right…that the reason i had not experience much myself is because they waiting on me to …find this ‘ice spirit’. If that …the great need or sacrifice that brought forth me being one of the white hair ones. I do not know of any other…dangers”

Her smile slowly fades as she look up into the ceiling and exhale only for her mind to replay the ice skating with Thristle and she pauses oddly with a tiny blush creeping in and quickly shake her head a little.

“Why do i keep recalling this, it was fun but nothing more as i expected…”

She turn and grab the small side bag and put it on before exiting the room and making the way down and outside as she exit the academy ground and on the bus. Some time after she find herself in the forest and walk around until she find a small clearing and stops.

She then take a breathing and exhale softly before her voice ring out in a song.

" I’ve been staring at the edge of the snow
'Long as I can remember
Never really knowing why

I wish I could be the perfect daughter
But I come back to the snow
No matter how hard I try

Every turn I take
Every trail I track
Every path I make
Every road leads back
To the place I know where I cannot go
Where I long to be

See the line where the sky meets the ice?
It calls me
And no one knows
How far it goes
If the wind in my back in the snow stays behind me
One day I’ll know
If I go, there’s just no telling how far I’ll go

I know everybody on this Academy
Seems so happy on this Academy
Everything is by design
I know everybody on this Academy
Has a role on this Academy
So maybe I can roll with mine

I can lead with pride
I can make us strong
I’ll be satisfied if I play along
But the voice inside sings a different song
What is wrong with me?

See the light as it shines on the Ice?
It’s blinding
But no one knows
How deep it goes

And it seems like it’s calling out to me
So come find me
And let me know
What’s beyond that line?
Will I cross that line?

And the line where the sky meets the Ice
It calls me
And no one knows
How far it goes
If the wind in my back in the snow stays behind me
One day I’ll know
How far I’ll go"

(( obvious just a quick edit to a disney song How Far I’ll Go so not my work))