The Dread Magic - Sorcery and its Wielders

Within the world, there are numerous different types and styles of spellcasting. Most of these involve simple transmutation of mana into various elemental and/or aetheric forms… but there are some that do not. These types of magic have been studied far less, with many forgotten to the ages, and others whispered of fearfully the world over.

Sorcery is one such form of magic.

No one chooses to wield it; it is said to be the wielder of those it inhabits.
Usually appearing to females, but not allways, it is said that only a limited number of Sorceresses exist on Gaia at any given time - when one has passed on, their power simply drifts to find itself a new host and the cycle begins again.
The exact nature of Sorcery differs depending on its user, but in every case it is powerful and unpredictable beyond the scope of ordinary aetheric spells. It is often attuned to the individual’s Personal Aspect.
In many cases, being the holder of these abilities can act as a corruption to one’s sense of self; they begin to forge a new personality in wielding the fearsome magic… and in almost every historically noted case, this change is not for the better.
The Sorceress is often a violent and capricious being driven by whim and ambition.
But some suggest that the persecution of those who show signs of sorcery (or “witchcraft”) can itself be more corruptive than the powers themselves.