Panaeon Academy - History and Staff (TO DO)

Panaeon Academy was founded as one of the greatest schools of adventuring in the world, and is a center piece of culture in Aurica.
Anyone who displays some aptitude for battle and exploration is welcome into its halls regardless of their age and experience, but only few rise from the rank of Neophyte to become Ensigns, Adepts, Cogwheels, and even Captains.

Professor Ozma Redwood - Headmistress

Professor Josef Malkuth - Dept. of Warfare

Professor Lenna Kasmia - Dept. of White Magic

Professor Roberto LaVorte - Dept. of Black Magic

Professor “Nica” Nicalagne - Dept. of Martial Arts

Professor Jessica Raxin - Dept. of Engineering

Professor Alan Z. Colvar - Dept. of Psionics

Professor Martin Lane - Dept. of Artifacts

Ms. Raileigh Talca - Healing Expert

Mr. “Barry” Baratheus - Armorer and Shopkeeper

Mr. Tarani - General Maintenance


Rano House

Rano was founded in tribute to a famous mage-priest whose studies became a foundation in both White and Black Magic.
Located in a cozy tower in the East Fields.

Primary Color: Blue
Secondary Color: White
Reputation: Fast Learners, Loyal, Heroic
Stereotype: Stubborn Nerds
Mascot: Behemoth

Leone House

Leone was founded in tribute to a famous martial artist and summoner who ensnared hearts and minds across the world with her long string of victories.
Located on Outlook Point attached to the upper West Halls.

Primary Color: Red
Secondary Color: Silver
Reputation: Determined, Fierce, Compassionate
Stereotype: Drama Queens
Mascot: Coeurl

Shouka House

Shouka was founded in tribute to a famous rogue and airship captain whose adventures were as varied as they were legendary.
Located comfortably within a cave in the West Fields.

Primary Color: Green
Secondary Color: Gold
Reputation: Adaptable, Patient, Witty
Stereotype: Sneaky Liars
Mascot: Cactuar

Therius House

Therius was founded in tribute to a famous psychic who laid the ground work of our entire understanding of the mind’s ability.
Its mysterious location is kept secret officially, but known to many students.

Primary Color: Purple
Secondary Color: Bronze
Reputation: Thinkers, Creatives, Free Spirited
Stereotype: Cryptic Weirdos
Mascot: Ahriman

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