Miqo'te culture exchange day!

As one of the very first Miqo’te to arrive to Panaeon Academy from El Nido I wish to share my culture with you all.

This to further relations, help clear up any curiosities and to build new friendships!

Please write your questions below and I will collect them for the (yet to be decided) cultural exchange day!

  • Thistle Mewrilah

((OOC: All replies to this thread are considered below. Please write what your characters might be wondering about, can also be written anonymously if you DM me on discord and once we are ready, we’ll have the event!))

Artist credits

Miqo’te with cat: Momoko (Momopoco) | Danbooru
Two miqo’te: https://www.reddit.com/r/Chibi/comments/8x1moj/miqotes_final_fantasy_xiv/
Rest: Made in PIXLR with free assets by me.

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A post with a question is made via ParcelThoughts.

“Hello. I am Neste Zetroe. I want to know what your favourite food is. Do Miqo’te like fish? Like normal cats.”

“Signed, Neste Zetroe.”

At the bottom of the response, there are a number of random sentences that include things like:
"How to edit message ParcelThoughts."
and -
"How do I send reply ParcelThoughts."
Most likely just nonsense from someone who is unfamiliar with how a ProtaTech works.

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A post is send via parcelThoughts

"Hi its Silia, i like to know a few thing.

1: Do Miqo’te hang around small community or just integrated among human populations in general
2: Do Miqo’te have a certain lifestyle over another or is it like Humans in general?
3: Do Miqo’te prefer typical prefer some kind of adventure work, like Black mage or warrior
4: Do it take alot of effort in keeping the tail fluffy loo-
The post end as if the person panic and accidently pressed send

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This is Selene Domina of student council, and I am curious about:

How is it you do like to be addressed?
Are there words that make you upset?
Do you have any natural affinities based on racial notions?
And other general notions that would help us make you feel welcomed!

Thank you~

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An anonymous post is made via ParcelThoughts.

“Do Miqo’te date humans?”

“How do I kiss a Miqo’te.”

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"How does your kin view the Afterlife?

How do you consider the Aspects? Are they part of your culture?

Who are some of the Heroes of your kin or do you have other interesting folklore?

How do your people view the use of various schools of magic?

Kind Regards,

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"Is there any food or cooking particularly traditional or iconic of the places you live at?

Do you have any kind of meetings in family or in community to celebrate something about life?

  • Artrhan"
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Another anonymous message is sent.

“Do Miqo’te like massages?”

“Can I give a Miqo’te a massage.”
“Can a Miqo’te give me a massage?”

Who in the world is this person?!

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