Historical Events and Conflicts

The Imperial War - about 7 years ago

The nation of Gariland conquered the majority of the Eastern Continent by long-lasting tenacity and technological superiority, and once air capability was practical, they set their sights on Mikoto and Aurica across the sea. After a long campaign that devastated parts of Mikoto and western Aurica, they were brought to decisive defeats in both countries.
A peace treaty was written by the Aurica Council and delivered personally to Strategos Dymas of Gariland by Josef Malkuth. It is said that Malkuth acted as a hero in the Battle of Evereska and dispatched an entire troop of Magitek Armor soldiers. This treaty included the Nibel Agreement to stop the use of Mako Reactors.

The Assassination of Priestess Mab - about ██ years ago

A group of mid-ranking Panaeon Academy fighters, acting against orders from the government of Aurica, suddenly staged an assault on Avernum and killed High Priestess Mab, leader of the Sanctuist Church in Aurica. Reportedly, they were convinced that Mab ███ █ █████████ and conspired to overthrow the government with help from an army of Beastfolk she supposedly enthralled to do her bidding. This █████ ███ expelled from Panaeon Academy following ███ ██████ ███ ████ ██ ████ sentenced to exile, with the exception of █████ █████ who went on to become the Headmistress of Panaeon until she was succeeded by Ozma Redwood.

The Calamity of Artemis - about 50 years ago

Artemis was an infamous Sorceress who had constructed a palace in the tundras north of Aurica. There, she practiced her abilities in an attempt to merge with an immortal demon known as Altima, the Blood Angel.

The resulting battle with Aurica, aided by Panaeon’s best specialists, rendered huge parts of the area into a wasteland. Monstrous creatures and toxic crystals that corrupted the aether of the land, creating what is now known better as the Lost Lands.
It was feared that she would soon attack Aurica from the north, yet that day never came… the great witch had entirely vanished without a trace, along with her army of demons and cultists.
Some claim she will return one day to wreak her vengeance. Others assume her own powers were somehow her undoing.

The War of the Magi - ancient history

This conflict took place between the Sanctuist Church and a militant Elementalist faction called Hexagonia. The name comes from the fact that the battle was primarily conducted between White Mages and Black Mages. Today, especially by those who are not devout to either religion, it is thought of as a massive mistake that cost a lot of lives and set back the study of both schools of magic by generations. There were no victors and both Sanctuism and Elementalism still prosper to this day, though the aggressive Hexagonia has long since been destroyed.
It is used as an example of the type of conflict that must never be repeated.