Gabriel Stryder: Homecoming: A Return to Midgar

Homecoming: A Return to Midgar


Warning: Story Will Contain depictions of violence and some profanity.

Gabriel came hurtling through a wall, falling over a desk as it flipped over. A section of the rotting ceiling gave way, showering the man in debris. He lay there on the ground staring up at the hole in the ceiling and groans. It would be so easy to just give up, give in, just lay here, the big SOLDIER with the idiotic hair cut would come in and stomp his skull flat, no problem, no ShinRa, no Academy, no Van…. the behemoth of a man climbed through the hole Gabe’s body had made, an arrogant grin plastered to his face. “I really expected more from someone with a reputation as the Turk’s ‘Dark Angel’ you really raised all that hell back then old man? Killed Bartholomew?”

Gabriel groans and pushes himself up, “Do you ever shut up? Bart had it coming, he got in my way, kinda like you’re doin’ now…and would you knock it off with the ‘Dark Angel’ shit? I fucking hate that nickname, it was pure propaganda…”

The SOLDIER scoffed, “Bartholomew was a good man; an excellent SOLDIER!”

Gabriel gave a snort, “Not that good if -I- killed him, say what’s the purpose of those long side burn tail things you got goin’ on? Be honest, are they handles so that when Rufus junior is skull fu-OOOOF.” The SOLDIER closed the distance in a flash and Gabe was sent flying through another wall, this time he just lay there in the rubble too tired, too sore, closing his eyes, maybe this was it…


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