From Fall, Rise Unto Hope - Aquiles Gonrold

[ F I L E R E P O R T ]

Credentials: Don Aquiles of Gonrold ,
Child of Don Erabus of Gonrold , and Lady Ariel of Gonrold.

Situation: Urgent enrollment mid-term, asked to keep utmost secrecy from the state of Alexandria. Task Professor LaVorte with extra courses to push him to the same level as other students. Curious levels of magical prowess in the Black Magic field. Zero affinity for White Magic.


A thirteen year old young man of clear, white with shade of blue hair, crystal clear yellow eyes,
and overly-polite mannerisms. He looks amused/amazed at the many surroundings around him,
indicating a strong level of sheltering up to the point of enrollment; Further observation needed.
Seems to be highly fascinated by heroic tales and figures, and adores knights and warriors.
NOTE: It has been observed that he is innocent to a fault, not being aware of many things, despite
showing sufficient level of understanding, often not getting second meanings at first. 
Notable, but ultimately meaningless, as has been shown.)

Professor LaVorte denotes his quick understanding of the fundaments of magic; Even before 
enrollment, he already had learned the very basic spells that the elements of Fire, Ice, and Lightning
can offer. The young man favored Fire for a while, especially under the shade of the student Gaiden.
Recently he's shown to also take to further advancing his knowledge of Wind.

He has been proven to show initiative on both learning and action.

He often attends class with the basics of a new spell covered, and requires little tutelage to be 
directed. More advanced spells prove to be a reasonable challenge, which he 
meets with flying colors.

 Around other students, the young man is often named Ak. Apparently he named himself so on
basis of past relationships with other children of Alexandria, not precisely on good lights.
The young man doesn't seem to be bothered by this.

However, it has been shown that the young man has little in the way of conversation: Stuttering
 is often present in his speech, possibly due to a low sense of self-esteem, seeing as there's no
 speech impediment indications. He often shirks leadership unto someone else, which may show
self-negative traits. It is to be worked upon for his healthy growth.

Upon many interactions with the young man, it is noted he's often one, if not the first, of many to
answer or rush to aid or the solution to problems of notable danger. He doesn't show signs of 
sizing the situation before offering his help, so while he's a reliable force, he may be impulsive
at first, before stepping back once a full picture is shown.

However, he's also been shown to lower his outward energy and mood if there is nothing at hand
 that he may help with. It is suspected, with all the evidence, that the young man suffers from a
severe lack of self-confidence, paired with a great desire to prove himself and do good for others.
A trait to be desired in all of our students, but to be watched from close: There's a clear danger
of misdirection if  such values are warped.

(NOTE: This evaluation is further emphatized by more recent findings: The young man was born
under the Aspect of Hope; His lack of self-esteem is more puzzling, the same way his desire to do
good upon others and solve problems any way he can is then explained. Several claims and reports
state that the young man "sees" symbols where there is otherwise nothing. These reports were 
constant in his early months of enrollment, but as his advancement slowed down, so did his
apparent mood-- And these reports.  Said reports are to be evaluated to find out the cause, and
determine any sort of mental instability.)


Highly adept with Black Magic. Especially with the use of Fire and Wind, followed by Arcana.
Is able to cast every sort of spell within this area to a basic level, minimum.

Zero ability to channel White Magic himself. He uses materia to cover this weakness. Resourceful.

Average physical drive as denoted by Professor Markuth; He doesn't have muscle, but he clearly knows
how to hit a dummy with empty hands.

Notable ability with animals. Recent reports show he is able to soothe an otherwise enraged animal.
A trait to be further evaluated and developed. This ability may extend to more than animals, but needs
further observation before confirmation.
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