Echoes - I've seen that before

“We are all of us used parts. Our newness lies only in parts rearranged.” - Mark Z Danielewski

Within the game world, many players will sometimes run across characters, situations, or even entire areas that make them stop and go “Hey, that looks familiar!” or, “LOL Why does my teacher look like Sephiroth??”

Don’t worry, it’s not just a pile of silly references, not entirely.
These are known as Echoes - they are what’s left of an imprint from another world.
Whether you intended it or not, even your characters are probably Echoes of something you have seen before.

This doesn’t mean anyone is bound by the rules or personality of what they echo.
Though they may be tempted, even someone who looks like a ruthless villain is not fated to act as such . . .
The reverse is also true. After all, it’s never safe to assume a book by its cover, right?