Dreams of Alexandria: Selene Domina

It was a clear night in Alexandria. The night time folk were scarce, but were about in cleaning their shops, pushing dirt off of their sidewalks, and closing up for the brilliant night. The stars shone as Selene sneaks out of the back of the palace. Climbing down a series of vines with a backpack, she stumbles and falls down to the grass below with a thud that has her laying on her back. It wasn’t ironic that the first step towards becoming the best White Mage in the land was filled with pain. Maybe it was justly so to remind her that the way ahead would be harder than she imagined or even wanted.

A single blonde butler resides by a carriage in waiting. He opens the doors and Selene runs in to set down her heavy backpack.

“Mi’lady, surely such a journey is not a necessity. You have all here and with little for want or needs. Why undergo such a venture?”

“I have to find out what the light in my dream meant, Miles. Why did I dream about that …that Academy for nearly a month? Why was it shining so brightly?”

“Dreams are but figments of imagination, Mi’lady.”

“I will find out! If I am meant to fail then I will return with tail betwixt my legs and whisper of your being so right. In the meantime, I will venture! Will you give Mother my letter? I know she will understand.”

“I shall do so with a heavy heart, Mi’lady. Take the carriage to Spira. When you are at your destination, the driver will let you out. Then take Transit Bus 3E-PAN and it will take you close enough to the Academy you see.”

“Thank you, Miles. You have been a darling friend. I shall do my best to return as someone who will do more than be a pretty rose to watch wither away! I will bring real change with great ability and reputation. Watch for me, Miles! In the meantime, farewell and bless you.”

“And to you, Princess. May your journey bare the fruit you so seek.”

And with that, the little redhead was off to Spira.

The journey itself was fairly long, lasting about 4 whole days with only a few stops to attend…bodily needs, but otherwise, she got to see the lovely country side of the region. The gorgeous crags near fields of grass and the lovely stylings of the people. It was then a few hours after arriving at the bus station that the bus note appeared as a moogle gives a time to the audience.*

“Bus arriving in 1 hours, kupo!”

With such a note, she sighs and goes into the nearby store. The selections were VASTLY different from her normal pickings. As she wandered the small store ailes, a fellow speaks up…

“Having trouble picking?”

“I-I am having no difficulties! It is only the picking of something to eat, is all. How difficult can such a thing be?”

“Some Spirans use slang on their snack signs here. Here, try these out. They are pretty simple breads. A drink like this pairs well with it. Don’t worry, miss. I know a tourist when I see one, hoho.”

“My thanks. Ah…forgive my defensive manner. I am simply awaiting the bus to the Academy a few miles away.”

“You’re going to that strange place? Can’t say I envy you. Lots of rumors about it, but I aint one to spit nonsense. Whatever you’re going to do there, best take care, ya hear?”

“Uh… yes, I will be attentive. My thanks.” She curtsies

With that Selene sits on a bench and eats her sweet bread and sips the light milk. She looks about at the people who are generally attending her own business, but it is clear that her own wares are fairly uncommon in this area. She might as well have smelled like upper class, because, well… she literally did. It was then the bus pulls up and she hurries onto it.

The remaining hours of travel were, thankfully, uneventful. She fiddles with her hair nervously as the sight of the Academy comes into slight in the distance. The tower of the Headmaster slowly gaining height as the mechanical gears grind. Her hands begin to shake and her breath shortens as the first students come into sight along the road. They looked so confident and so well dressed and …was this the right thing? Did she make a mistake?

No, it could not be so. She had to find the light that she found in her dreams. There has to be something here! Sure the dreams of one such as herself could not be such a false promise, right? Alas, it was too late now. There was no turning back. Now was the time to really go all in and become someone of note like the heroes of old from her country. It was then there was a… flash, and she saw a vision of a fellow, in an almost vivid dream. Her body was not her own and… … …she awoke anew after the odd and deep vision, in a bed in the Academy.


It had been a bit over two weeks or so since the arrival to Panaeon. With the taking of various classes, the occasional venture, and meeting the many intriguing people of the Academy… it certainly was far more than she ever expected. It was a pleasant feeling to have the kindness and comfort of kind acquaintances. Fitting is was not really an issue, since her house is rather known for the studious types and it was delightful!

Where the weight of reality came to head was not seeing the scary monsters from her ventures, but from the night before where she had seen the most fearful being, and grant illustrious spells that resulted in the passing of a mysterious group’s ally. To see such high level combat was absolutely terrifying…

10 AM: Rano House, Selene’s Room

Selene closes a book from her attempt at morning study. She could barely concentrate. It’s a few minutes of fiddling with a loose thread from her student uniform that had her attention. Her mind replays the moment Atma Weapon spawned into creation. She had never imagined such a creature could exist. That such a monstrosity could look her way with such a gaze. The worst stare she had ever seen was a scolding from her siblings for mistakes or for spilling bloody tea on a fine carpet. But this was…

Selene looks at her legs and they were shaking. She lets out a slow breath as she replays the scene once again…

The beast assaulted that young hero. The clashing of teeth beyond definition of sharpness, muscles the size of whole people, a rage beyond comprehension. And yet this young man stood there with blade held firm against the jaws of this creation. Scores of ancient spells flung against the beast’s body as Atma reeled from the power emitted. She could only watch from behind a single tree, as her legs had failed her. Pure terror had rendered her useless and despite knowing it was an illusion, despite knowing it was not real, despite knowing that this was just a story being retold… it was too real. It was too alive.

She had heard whispers and notes of voices during the extreme combat, but it was not until an armored figure walked before her and the sheen of a gunblade scored across her vision. Lucian stood with his back to her, defiantly against the scene before her. For a moment she felt… safe. It was enough to grab the tree and stand up. Enough to offer her a moment of reprieve to hold her own staff forward. While the intensity of the scene looked anew, she watched with a slight more clarity, though still in utter shock and fear.

It was then she saw the spawning of Meteo, a legendary spell of yore. What came next was this epic beast being faded into oblivion with such a powerful holy light that she could only imagine the true level of that power. Despite knowing what it was, there was a clear distinction of power difference. This was what a visual expression of what she promised she could be, and yet, despite the inspiration… terrifying. But despite that power, the young woman had vanished. She had… vanished. Her comrades left alone to deal with the results of their victory and loss. But she was not so interested in their celebration, but instead the weight of it all.

But perhaps just as disturbing a matter to her was that Selene’s own comrades were able to so defiantly tolerate and withstand the scene. To speak and jest and simply walk up to such a thing or about it… and seem so fine. Were they truly seasoned adventures? Were they mad? Were they suicidal? Was life so meaningless or deprived that looking upon death was so easy? Or was she, herself, inefficient? A princess, behind castle walls, in gardens, in safety all her life. It was in the moment she felt truly small. In the moment that she was so very soft.

Selene looked on her piles of books and closes the one before her. She lays her head onto her arms upon the desk and lets a series of shakey breaths before the camera pans out of her room in the tower, revealing such a lovely sunny day…

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Selene hurries to her volunteering session in the morning where she works on her healing practice with the head nurse. With some panting, she makes it on time. There was a bit of prep to set up but the hour of volunteering goes by just as quickly as it started. Treating some of the injured students and attending matters like colds was her normal function. Once that was settled, she ran off to class, ducking into a restroom to change into her uniform really quick.

After a moment of changing, putting on a little make up, she goes to class. The first class of the day is only a few hours long. Common Materia Practices… a curious class. It was known that Materia was made from crystalized Mako and despite generally keeping her own religious values fairly suppressed and low-key, she felt a constant discomfort in using Materia for her benefit. An element of power stolen from the lifestream to be used by mortals in their selfish pursuits. Despite so, she was here to learn, not deal with semantics. To become powerful, she would have to sacrifice some of her own values if it meant she could achieve her goes back in Alexandria.

The class itself was filled with specific notions about how they are made, their chemical composition, and even how a particular wisdom is called from the life stream to reproduce a spell through them. She liked to imagine them like little satellites that streamed info through them. Despite so, the class was fair and after her note taking, she left for her lunch break.

Selene takes chooses to sit on the balcony of House Rano and gazes out at the woods and ocean. She would adore doing such things back in Alexandria… stirring up her homesickness once again. She takes out her Bento Box of lunch, a Chicken Teriyaki on a bed of rise with steamed veggies and fruit slices. As she thought of home, she hardly noticed the tears produced by such homesickness. But as everything else during the day, lunch and her feelings were brief…

The next class after lunch was Materia Theory.
As much as everyone knew HOW they were made, most did not know how they work. But the class focuses on possible ways to use them, to manipulate it, ideals on how aether affects them, and more. It was an interesting class to take, despite her feelings, and provided a lot of intrigue. More notes were taken, of course, and she finishes the class in a prompt and proper way.

At this time, Selene goes to the library to check out some books for her topics and then returns to her room. Once there, she takes off the uniform and instead settles into a long shirt about to her knees. A nice comfortable cloth that was a delight to wear with the school’s logo on it. She lays on the bed and begins reading…

Lots of sticky notes are made between the pages and occasionally she writes in a notebook on her bedside shelf. She reads a few dozen pages with some sighs, but with a dedicated focus, she gets in a few hours of study. Once done, she sits up and looks down at her thighs. They were a bit sore from the days of adventuring and sudden hiking she had to do, but she enjoyed going on little ventures with her friends and allies, even if some of the places were kind of scary. Her friends were rather lovely and it was nice to think of them, even if some of them were rather …exotic?

Harper, such a pleasant fellow. He is allways a delight to go about with and just to talk with. She was rather impressed that he finished the race in first and how mellow he feels. There was allways a comfort in his friendship over the last several days. Despite him barely knowing her, he offered a true friendship.

Ashton, a rather odd fellow to her. May as well have been her polar opposite as someone who tends to lounge, gaze off at the skies, and tinker passively in whatever deep thoughts he was in. It was the biggest surprise that he manage to defeat just about anyone who came his way during the Battle Network, but it was surely impressive! His little quips to charm her were certainly pleasant at times.

Jay, a powerful and focus minded person who is dedicated to the power of Black Magic. Jay has been a fair influence on her and the friendship they have is certainly a pleasant one. Jay’s generosity, curiosity, bravery, and boldness are brilliant. Jay stood with Pansy despite that horrible beast being about and while she believed Jay to be either suicidal, insane, or mad, it was an inspiration.

Nanala certainly felt like one of her sisters back home. Lively, lovely, energetic, playful and more. She reminded her a lot of her older sister whom she’d play with so much. Spending time with her made some of her homesickness fade away. Though it was difficult to get time together with their class schedules, every moment is delight.

Lucian, he was hard to really describe. Full of surprises and his true thoughts were certainly beyond the unexpected. It was unfortunate that the others did not know him as she did, but perhaps in time the would. It was clear that he had her heart. But for now, she would keep on to try and be more steadfast as he was.

With her daydream of her friends at a pass, she rubs her thighs and plops back in the bed to gaze up at the ceiling of off white. Her eyes slowly closed as the thoughts of study and friends comes to an end… a gentle sleep that would hold her until she went out again for the evening.


Selene returns from the store with a few paints and an easel for her little personal project. With her student uniform worn and a little breeze swaying her hair and skirt passively, she sets up outside of the staff tower, and begins to paint.

It is certainly not difficult for others to note this action, and perhaps some of her own colleagues may view her at this time, but her focus is absolute outside of little waves or greets. The paintbrush moves across the canvas with a simple and graceful motions.

She references her sketchbook for an earlier drawing to bring the demo into life. While this is all fairly time consuming, about 3 hours goes by and she’s about half way or so. Once she had let the 3 hours pass, she begins to pack it up for now and take it back to her room at House Rano.

In bed she lays for about an hour as she ponders about the recent events. It was then she thought about a question Lucian had asked her… “What decision would you make?”

It was difficult to consider. Waiting what others would pick might be the wisest choice, but she had so much in her plans. So much in her feelings and considerations about what to do at home and it was difficult to suddenly be this… guardian. It was all terrifying. She thought about the more pleasant moments of the last few days as well. It did help chase away the dark thoughts in her mind.

Some of those feelings were deep and when she thought of some, she giggled to herself, or cringed, or smiled, or she even swooned at other thoughts. Regardless, it was nice to at least have the morning light sining through the window. Looking out of the tower to the courtyard below was a lovely feeling. She did like heights, just not the idea of falling. It was then that she spotted some lovely roses and she pondered back to the notation of the Blue Rose and what it might have meant in regards to the latest troubles. But these thoughts were pushed aside for more sweeter ones.

She returns to the bed and takes out her Prota, sending texts to various students, giggling at responses, looking confused at others, and simply being a lovely teenager seeking a bit of attention for filling the gap for her homesickness.


Selene finishes most of her duties for the day and her classes, but there is little downtime for her to indulge in. She makes for the Library and immediately sits in the back where she can’t really be bothered often. Selene did not realize her Light Aspect had went off until the dark circle of her view opened up and she realized she was still in the Library. In a nervous haze, she grabs her ProtaTec and checks the time. Her heart skipped a beat when she noticed that 2 hours had passed so suddenly.

With some dizziness, she rubs her forehead as it throbs, and she leans back into the chair. She stands with a woozy step. She considered calling someone to escort her to House Rano, but felt a bit of guilt in getting someone to ditch their class for her.

She decides to hit the sauna in the basement. No one was usually around in the earlier part of the evening since most classes were still going. It was a rather long and sluggish walk to get back to Rano, but she tried to put on a smile for those who waved to her as they passed by.

It was another 30 minutes before she picked up a swim suit and got to the sauna.
There she turned on the head and slowly the fair skinned princess slid into the steaming room. Selene gave a long sigh of relaxation, tying her hair up with the hair ribbon. It is easily 20 minutes that goes on before she looks on her Prota. She sends out a few voice messages to people for a bit of time passing…

“Greetings, Nanala! I can’t wait to go shopping with you this weekend! Work hard so we can have fun harder! Ta-tah!”

“Greetings, Arthran! Your name went online as one of the Melee Class winners from the last Battle Network! Congrats again and I hope a lot of people notice your hard work! Keep studying hard and see you soon! Toodles~”

“Hi Lucian~ I hope your classes are well today. I went to the sauna because my head was in a bit of a tizzy and I had to rest. I think my aspect went off again in the Library. Anyways, ah…I won’t keep you from your study. Miss you already.”

“Greetings, Joseph. I was considering the cooking event for one of our Student Council Events in the coming weeks. Thank you for your interest! Farewell.”

“Greetings Gaiden, I just wanted to thank you for your thoughts the other day and I do hope we can have more pleasant talks soon. Be sure to get some rest! You were falling asleep in Rano’s couches, hehe! Let me know if you need anymore info! Ta-tah!”

“Greetings, Gen! I got your message about doing a study session on White Mage commonly used Materia. I would love to indulge your request. Let’s talk about it in person soon! Ta-tah!”

“Congrats Flo! You were great in the Mage Class of the Battle Network! Keep up the amazing work and I would adore to see you soon! Toodles!”

Selene sends a few more of these out before putting her Prota away to relax a bit longer. The sauna was such a wonder during the week and it brought a great measure of refreshment. It’s after this time that she eventually dries off and puts on a light summer sky blue dress and darker blue heels. She goes shopping at Cassandra’s for some 30 minutes before going for a stroll through the evening town. The crisp even air was so refreshing in her hair and on her skin that a moment was taken to just pause.

It was finally she returned to her room where she exits her heels by the door and hops into bed to lay down for a while. She knew that her friends and comrades liked to go out in the evening for ventures and the likes, so some rest would do her well. Selene removes her ribbon and looks on it fondly. With a little sweet sigh, the butterflies in her stomach act up. She pulls the ribbon to her chest and lets out a cute squeal of joy as she thinks her sweet thoughts for a moment.

…It’s two hours later and she wakes up. Laying on her side, holding the ribbon, she sits up and groans from being groggy after the light sleep. How time had evaded her again, but she got up to use the tower’s kitchen to cook some simple egg fried rice and onigiri for dinner. This doesn’t take too long and is very satisfying. The others students come and go as they are immersed in their studies, and with occasional waves or smiles. Two even playing Triple Triad in the corner quietly.

Selene eats her food quietly otherwise and ponders lightly on the troubles to come…


Selene, still in sleep, suddenly falls off the bed with a turn.
Part of her blanket and white night gown fall and blend in a mix as she collides with the floor. She groans and huffs some bedhead from her face…

“Ugh… Still not used to the smaller bed. I swear…oww.”

She sits up straight and rubs her side while reaching for her Prota, checking the time anew. It was still fairly though. It was 4am, but it was unlikely that sleep would immediately return to her. With a bit of frustration she throw her lipstick container into the closet’s door. With one more sigh, she gets up to deal with the day.

With a groggy mind, she goes to take a shower.
Gazing downwards at the water flowing into the drain, her mind wanders to the garden of the palace. The brilliant roses were her favorite because of the various colors they could have. It was certainly hard to resist their simple and pure allure. Sadly, she flinches awake and turns off the water…sighing sadly before dressing anew.

Sitting before her mirror, she combs her hair, applies the little makeup, and flattens her school uniform. Everything was nicely pressed, maintained, orderly, and set for the day… at least it was still just 6am.

In the kitchen, she prepares a simple, semi-Mikoto style breakfast.
A light and simple, Miso Soup, Scrambled Eggs, and seaweed salted Onigiri.

After a satisfying breakfast that was quickly made and eaten, she stands, and heads outside. 7am…


The light of day was bright in the summer time.
There is a lovely sigh that escapes her as a flock of birds dart by over head.
She walks over to the Track and Pool areas for P.E. class a bit early.

Once in the girl’s locker room, she changes and dives right into the pool.
Floating there a moment, she gazes up at auditorium’s ceiling…
It morphs into a scenery of Mikoto where the Cherry Blossoms are falling all about her. Her child form runs ahead of her butler who smiles warmly at the 10 year old. Youthful Selene gathers a bunch of them and offers them back to the tree as if it would generously accept her offering of its own leaves. Some fireworks go off in the distance and with fear at first, is met with a head pat from the butler… and she smiles now. They look together at the gorgeous display as the fireworkers practice in the late evening…

As the whistle blows for the morning class, she flinches and goes to the pool side to attend morning exercises…


Selene wakes up in her dorm and pushes hair from her face, the long white nightgown wrapping and creasing around her form ever so gently.

She gets out of bed to stretch and look out the window, parting the curtains boldly.
Except she’s not met with the image of Alexandria… Instead it is the garden of the Academy and students wandering about as they do. With a bit of looking down, she frees her hair of the night ponytail and goes to take a shower.

Upon return, she picks out her uniform to wear for now.
Selene ties the bow into her hair and then gives her hair a bit of brushing.
Afterwards, she picks up the Silver Tree Neckless that given to her…

She puts it on and looks at it upon her in the mirror. Selene blushes and smiles ever so gently before letting out a sweet sigh. A bit of whispering to herself ensues…

“I wonder what its significance is. He didn’t seem really sure, but he did hide wearing it from the others. It’s so beautiful…”

Selene sighs sweetly again and gets up from the chair and mirror.
She goes to walk around and ponder the various trials of the past few days…
The first thought came about considering Azurious and the rather particulars of being tethered in a dream. It was so floaty, and yet so disturbingly nice. Though the part of waking abruptly and discovering his own title was odd. Seems he did choose to accept the notion and it made her rather uncomfortable.

“Everyone has accepted their title, but why…? There’s no real evidence to what they are doing outside of their explanations. And we are only fed bits and pieces with no idea about what this replacement entails. Will they have to sit in a void room for the rest of their lives? Will they have to endure being beholden to some Void Positive creation forever? is it a contract that is short term or permanent? Why are these questions not being asked?!”

With a bit of frustration, she sighs and sits by a Cherry Blossom Tree and takes out a book to read…