Countries and Geography

West Continent


The largest country on Gaia. The location of our daring tale, taking up a majority of the continent.
Home to Panaeon Academy, the ruined Midgar and Shinra Corp, the City of Insomnia, Weald Havernelle, and more.

The mysterious Panaeon Academy was designed and constructed by the heroes of past wars, to teach and pass on their legendary ways. It is now home to over 500 elite students. Around the Academy has since grown a small town that allows local students and transfers alike to come and study at their leisure. Valued for raising adventurers, heroes, and brilliant minds, the Academy is part of a global agreement that allows for brilliant combat training, the study of magical and aetheric arts, and cutting-edge technological research.

Other points of interest include:
Midgar, the former capital city. Since the Nibel Agreement, Shinra’s Mako Reactors throughout the country have been steadily shut down one by one. Though many have come to forget the shrewd ways of Shinra’s once lofty goals and plans for world domination, they are but a mere shadow of their former conglomerate glory., and today only a single downsized reactor still stands functional there; a small concession to Shinra’s lobbyists and far from capable of powering a city. The decaying plates of Midgar’s upper tiers were a cause for evacuation and migration as the city fell into disrepair without the majority of its Mako power grid. Though many war refugees use certain sectors of Midgar now as a sanctuary, it is in their meager attempts to keep some of the structures and builds functional to create their own makeshift towns. This is a nearly lawless place, but the people themselves dictate the rules there. Midgar has many overreaching aspects of nature reaching to reclaim the land. All wild natural plants grow at an accelerated rate, as if the planet is attempting to heal Shinra’s wound upon its surface. Many major city streets are now overrun with monsters and wildlife as they are drawn to the intrigues of the planet.

Phoenix Arch, the city built atop an enormous natural bridge and famed as a vacation spot thanks to its cuisine and architecture, has since been declared the acting capital of Aurica by its Democratic Council of elected representatives from the various cities and regions. It is also the host city to the Sanctuist Church of Aurica, having gradually reshaped itself after Priestess Mab’s schism was cast out.

Moore, a small town on the outskirts of Weald Havernelle, which was once a bustling station before the war’s end. Home to a beautiful combination of architecture types with exotic towers and humble homesteads, Moore was the site of accidental explosions that rendered the station nearly abandoned. Its citizens ran below the station and it was there that they met a tragic end when the tunnels supposedly collapsed. Thanks to the ongoing battles against Gariland, no one from the Academy was able to aid most of the troubled townsfolk until it was too late. There are rumors that the station is haunted by vengeful spirits, and some say that when the wind is right, you can still hear the sound of trains passing even when none are scheduled…

Borders Aurica to the east. A large and storied nation of arid deserts, vast plains, and tropical coastlines.
Known for near-constant civil war engagements, to the point where a system was established using Judges to allow for battles to be waged “legally” without casualties thanks to enchantments. (Of course, illegal battles happen too.)

The Principality of Damcyan is the last of the line of the old Kings of Cyrae. After the king and his entire family disappeared, Prince Erin Eldwiss claimed control of the kingdom along with his loyal retainers claiming he was the rightful ruler of the lands. His forces prefer to fight in open fields using overwhelming numbers of Chocobo-mounted knights to run opponents down, and they enjoy the favor of the Cyraen Sanctuist Church; although in official matters, the Church takes a stance of neutrality.

After Prince Eldweiss claimed the throne, Duke Albert Reinos came forward claiming to have the last remaining royal heir under his protection and that Prince Eldweiss was responsible for the disapperance of the royal family. He called his men to arms, establishing a new dominion within the Grand Duchy of Archades-Lyrica; and thus started the Twelfth Cyraen Civil War. The forces of the Grand Duchy favor firearms and traps to deal with their foes, along with support from many Elementalists.

The Guild of Judges was formed long ago in the chaos of the Fourth Cyraen Civil War, the magical devastation wrought on the land by all sides caused massive damage and death. To prevent this from continuing, a set of laws were formed to oversee this and all future wars. Judges are the final arbiters in all battles and utilize advanced forms of White Magic to uphold the law, prevent casualties, and ensure honorable combat. This Guild remains neutral in all conflicts unless set upon by one side or the other… and rare are those who have challenged their decrees and lived to tell the tale.

A small resistance group, referred to as the “Carrion Crabs” is led by the elusive Ryannes Benevere, a former noble of Damcyan who was disgraced and lost his position. He now leads a fight to overthrow both sides of the civil war and do away with the corrupt nobility system all together. They favor hit and run tactics and try to fight outside the careful eye of Judges to kidnap or assassinate important figures. Though many believe their cause is just, their methods turn many away from the cutthroat rebels.

Capital: Damcyan or Archades, depending on the day and who you ask


Borders Aurica to the west. A peaceful nation with many traditions of Elementalism, and the home of the world’s greatest Martial Artists. Mikoto has often acted as a neutral diplomatic location for various feuds, and is usually chosen as the center of commerce between the two continents. They have never acted as an aggressor of war, but have some of the world’s most talented martial artists and assassins that have ensured their continued independence from Gariland and others.

While known as a hub of peace, hosting many diplomatic forums and negotiations throughout the years, the factions of Mikoto are certainly not lacking for any weakness.
This nation is home to legendary clans of Samurai and martial artists. Mikoto holds a great mastery of combat, inner peace, and often hone their control over forces of body and mind. This nation has a powerful tradition of Aether Crystal usage. Crystals adorned with laced paper linings, soft lights, and wooden structures, bring
the accents of this beautiful, cherry-blossom-lined nation into everyone’s imaginations.

Mikoto is host to many festivals that are especially visited in each of the 4 seasons, making this a lovely year-round destination for people to explore the culture and trade ideals. It is often that the soul weary and the pained come to retrain their body and minds so that they may evolve from their meager existence into a being of inner divinity. For some, enlightenment comes to those who lose themselves in the years-long training to become greater than they were yesterday.

When the peace of their glorious nation becomes threatened, rumors note of legendary assassins and ninjas that seek to defend their humble homeland. The night becomes a weapon to these mysterious warriors, and that night becomes a reason to fear raising a hand against such a serene nation.
Though… what bright and warm country would truly employ such underhanded means? Surely not Mikoto.

Capital: Doma

The Lost Lands
A mostly-frozen, mostly-wasteland north of Aurica. It is marked by craters and destruction caused by the Calamity of Artemis, the most famous battle against a Sorceress led by the forces of Aurica including Panaeon. Dangerous aether miasma, huge jagged crystal shards, open pools of Mako, and other unwelcoming hazards litter its reaches, along with lots of mutated monsters.

East Continent

The largest country on the East Continent, the Imperial Nation of Gariland is the most technologically advanced region and was previously known for aggressive empire-building warfare. Their overconfidence led to a series of defeats in Aurica and a shaky peace treaty was formed. Part of this treaty contained the Nibel Agreement, phasing out the use of Mako Reactors by both countries. After the war, the immense militaristic pride of the nation sloshed into a muck. The heroes that went to war were laid low, and countless experimental and high-tech weapons were destroyed. Despite the defeat, they remain a wonder of magitek technologies. With large aether crystal mines, expansive combat training, and mastery of various military operational functions, they remain a place where many travel to study various combat arts. Many families have a relationship with the military either for reputation building or for just the great tactical abilities that are produced there. Each citizen is expected to spend at least 4 years in some form of military service, though this is often set aside or delayed for those who are seeking education abroad.

The General Governor of Gariland, Lorono Dekkard, was deposed and forcefully removed from power after the defeat and exposure of the various dishonorable deeds committed. A small portion of the military and magitek corps left with him to regions unknown, but many speculate that they took to the frozen north. The infamous Strategos Dymas, a nationalist who delivered many devastating blows to Aurica with various military operations, stood down from direct military operations to appeal to the masses for his covered up war crimes and assumed a role as leader of a political faction known as the Imperial Sanctum.
Maximillion Zorkezi, the new General Governor, has taken this opportunity to address the country’s broken pride, and replace it with inspiration anew to focus on creating a new use for their technological prowess. Creating skyrails, new means of travel, and more environmentally friendly machines, Gariland has more easily moved on from Mako electricity than most regions. Though this comes at great displeasure to the more classical war focused generals that remain, they have joined as a valued part of international trade, especially in the market of aether crystals.
Older Magitek is constantly being redesigned and rebranded to reveal the calmer intents of the new peacetime in hopes of reaching an international understanding, at least for the time being.

Capital: Galbadia

A huge and wealthy city-state bordering Gariland that acts independently.
It is the heart of the Sanctuist religion, and believers often visit the Grand Cathedral of the Heavenly Mother at some point in their lives to pay tribute to the original home of their beliefs.
This bright and brilliant nation, home to many famous artists and architects, decided to stay out of the war and allowed Gariland to pass around its borders. This created a lot of tension with various other nations that were not spared the swathe of destruction that Gariland brought through Aurica, Mikoto, and Cyrae.
Despite that, the key issues in Alexandria involved the Sanctuists and the royal family and noble families.
Sanctuism became the majority in the parliament over the years of the war, as death and intense politics made the Holy Mother’s words a far more warming sensation than the Royal Family’s words of peace. Despite the petitions of various military groups and Sanctuist organizations, it was decreed that the war not be joined.

The Royal Family has since then become figureheads and less associated with governance duties. The King and Queen often travel to other regions to promote alliance and relief efforts.
The corporations of Alexandria have poured vast investment into developing efficient trade lines and broader travel, joining in post-war relief efforts and acting as a minor hub for refugees.
The delicate and beautiful art of their sailing airships are a means of great wonder.
New revolutions in art and architecture also bloom with an exotic boom in gothic like creations.
Various abstract depictions of the Holy Mother are etched, rose glassed, and sculpted.
Medical understanding is also flourishing in the city known for its roster of White Magic.
While Black Magic is not outright banned by the Sancturist, it is displayed in a negative light in hopes of preventing another “War of the Magi” and to promote a more ‘civilized’ sense of studies. For this reason, Black Mages often travel abroad to pursue their studies in more freedom.

The Veldt
Not really a country so much as unclaimed land. Vast swathes of savannahs and mountains that contain some of the most fearsome monsters on the Eastern Continent. Very few people live here except for tribes of nomads… and a persistent conspiracy theory of something called the “Kingdom of Zeal” that is hidden within.

These nomads roam in small groups, but are well versed in the wild nature of these lands. Every nuance is under their eye as any mistake can mean death in the land of monsters. Avoiding the neighboring civilization in Alexandria and Gariland, they only ever dare to touch the borderlands of these nations. It is said that some of these nomads can even imitate some of the monsters to degrees that not only can they avoid some hostilities, but even simulate or replicate attacks from these beasts.

Rumors of odd skirmishes that seem to have the nomads avoiding the southern areas of the Veldt have also begun to circulate. Odd storms in the middle of clear days, hurricanes with very little water, and higher temperatures even on cloudy days seem to plague this region. What is clear though, for those who dare have made the venture, is that a mysterious gathering of aether has occasionally begun at the site of an enormous and overgrown crater. Fringe researchers have their…speculations.

The Betweenlands


An island nation situated in the center of the world. Home of Blitzball, a sport that is popular all around the world. Contains a healthy monster population, along with lots of pious Elementalists ready to resist them.

Spira contains countless ruins from an ancient time during which an enormous monster referred to in legend as “Sin” would ravage their land and leave technologically advanced cities in absolute ruins. Since that time, there have been many new growing cities, though the mythological fear of the being’s return leaves many internal cultures trying to keep their cities to a more traditional island function. The outlying and true island cities such as Besaid, are gorgeous testaments to naturalistic and Elementalist ideals and many Blitzball players and traveling mages are proud to state them as their heritage.

The wild monster population has an extremely rapid reproduction rate due to unknown means, though some assume that it is either their closeness to ley lines, the lifestream, or perhaps residue from a past where magic was more rampant. Along side the acceptance of the wild elements, the great tribes and cultures of summoners is an internationally beautified tradition. Summoners from Spira are viewed in almost a regal way. Each Summoner makes bonds with what most of the world views as Espers, but in Spiran culture, these are referred to as Aeons. Though similar in intent, the nature of these beings are considered more divine as the summoner is required to temporarily merge with these entities through body and mind. Various other nations have made assumptions that these beings are glorified Espers that have become permanent residents in the Elementalist Culture of Spira, though this form of summoning is rather unique.

Blitzball is also a key pastime and has since been passed on to almost every civilized nation.
It is an underwater sport similar to rugby and soccer, played in a levitating pool of water so that people may spectate. This water is aerated through the particular study of Aether from the Spira culture many many ages ago and is kept a deep secret. Official Blitzball Association elementalists travel to each nation to assist setting up these unique bubble-like stadiums.

Spira is also known for its population of Al Bhed, a tribe of technologists making up about 10% of the population. They do not tend to support the religious teachings common throughout Spira, but instead focus on creating technological marvels that rival even Gariland. Though considered perhaps a bit quirky, they are no longer marginalized as they were in ancient times - they now have a team in Blitzball, teach in schools around the world, and are generally regarded as a culture of engineering experts. The Al Bhed have been called upon in some regions to help replace Mako technology with their masterful experiences with functioning in the desert. They often reside in their desert city-state of “Home” on Bikanel Island.

Capital: Luca

El Nido
A small series of tropical islands south of Spira. Famed vacation and fishing spot, and home of some of the world’s best scientific researchers.

The islands proper are managed by the Acacian Dragoons, a legion of knightly sorts that uses advanced melee weapons and armor to stand against even the most dynamic of foes. The long line of Viper Family Dragoons are among the highest honored and lead the Dragoons in all their glory.
The capital city of Marbule is home to various races of intelligent Beastfolk and Demihumans, many of which are exotic and unique to these islands. While many are seafaring, they do not tend to usually venture beyond their ancestral home.

One of the races rarely found outside of El Nido are the Miqo’te, a demihuman species with cat-like eyes, ears, and a tail. They are known for their hospitality and sociability, while fiercely respecting each other’s independence. While most never travel far, their adventurous nature shows through their eagerness for fishing further from the safety of the shores and hunting. Lately more of them have chosen to travel elsewhere as political tensions rise, making their race more widely known across Aurica.

The primary political issues on El Nido are the recent Techno-Revolutionaries known as the Futurist Society who believe that a more modernized army is needed to stand against the world’s own advanced military.
After having seen what the high-tech military of Gariland could do, the Futurists invested heavily in importing advanced gear for their own local militia, worrying the Dragoons and stirring up the youth of the island.

The great scientists that reside on outlying island observatories distance themselves from the squabbling of the Futurists as they work on advanced research that tests the boundaries and limits of reality. While their time-based experiments are generally theoretical, their other works have produced amazing advances in lifestyle tech such as armor for the Acacian Dragoons.

Lately, odd entities and monstrous aquatic beings rise from the oceans to harass the islanders.
With struggle from the Dragoons, they have been able to hold off the invading forces of water fiends.
It is said that approaching El Nido at night often results in shipwrecks and lost crewmates.
Whatever the case may be…there is no question that the islands are having troubles with external trade at the moment.

Capital: Marbule

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