Aurica Server Rules and Guidelines

Aurica Server Rules and Guidelines

1. “Positive Atmosphere” :sun_behind_small_cloud:

Aurica is a cooperative server focused on mutual enjoyment. Be kind and keep a friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to other members, new or old. Suggestions and criticism should allways be constructive. Joking around is fine too, just don’t be a butthead, especially in front of others who don’t know you yet. Be patient with others even if they make mistakes, and don’t rush to judge any situation.

2. “Roleplay Conduct” :musical_score:

As a player on Aurica your character is not an extension of you, they are a conduit through which you can construct a story within this world. They are the central protagonist of your story, and one of many protagonists of the wider one. The world and mechanics will support their growth as an individual, and new features may even sometimes be added in response to your character’s interests and actions! (However, these should not be expected.) Respect other players’ time and roleplay, and they should also respect yours.

Actively roleplaying while on Aurica is not allways required if you are simply engaging with the content itself, such as a dungeon party - but you should not use this as a reason to disrupt the roleplay of others.

The Talk and Whisper channels are expected to stay IC (in character) at all times unless brackets such as // are used.

The Party channel and Tells are assumed to be OOC (out of character) unless otherwise agreed upon situationally.

The Shout channel is disabled for player use and will only be used for GM and event communication.
This is probably OOC if sent by a GM avatar like GM Xanther, and IC if it is sent by an in-world character like Prof. Colvar.

Please do not sit on voice calls with other players while ingame unless it’s for a specific short-term purpose like coordinating a boss fight. Ingame chat is important, both for RP and for developing the game.

3. “Allways Inclusive” :house:

Make an effort to be sure people aren’t being left out of things.
If you’re in the middle of a high level dungeon, you don’t need to drop everything to invite and carry the level 2 that just logged in - but you ought to at least say hi to them and make them feel at home.
Ostracizing players (OOC) is strictly forbidden. Not every character (IC) will fit into every roleplay situation, but with a little writing effort, there should never be a pattern in which someone is left out repeatedly unless they are causing problems themselves.
As well, try not to “AFK” in open roleplay spaces for long periods, as this cannot be easily distinguished from ignoring. (If you don’t want to log out, then send a clearer message by stashing your character in a bathroom, closet, facing a wall, or take a sleeping pose with “/e sleep”.)

4. “Legal Beagles” :dog:

Don’t post anything that is illegal in the USA, or the dogs will come after you :dog2: :dog2:

5. “Squish Them Bugs” :bug:

Report bugs if you see them, especially if they seem likely to cause exploits. You can post these in bug-reports on Discord or send them to me (Xanther) privately there or here if they seem like a sensitive issue.
Do not use unintended gameplay quirks or bugs to create advantages for yourself or anyone else.

6. “Sanctuary World” :deciduous_tree:

No major discussion of politics or other divisive real-world subject matter. We live in really messy times, this is a good place to get away from it all and relax under the branches of a different tree. By avoiding these subjects, we can also coexist and enjoy the world of Aurica with players who may not share the same beliefs.

7. “Keep It Clean” :sponge: :broom:

No adult content where anyone can stumble upon it please. “Bad language” is allowed, just be careful because it makes it easier to break rule 1 on accident. Generally, public roleplay and content in-game should be kept at a “PG-13” or “soft R” level at most. Anything more should be restricted to Tells only or taken off site.
As well, no adult content is permitted on the forums.

8. “Versal Engine Magic” :star2: :cat2:

Everyone is encouraged to have input on content and creative direction, but Xanther is the final decision maker when there’s an uncertainty or something isn’t practical. (I don’t like making hard decisions and especially don’t want to shut people down, so don’t worry too much!)

A note on Inviting Others: Please do not send around the password directly. Instead, contact me through Discord and let me know a little about the person, and I’ll give you an invite to pass along to them. Thanks!

Above all, welcome!